Sunday, October 17, 2010


There is a Chinese saying (上得山多終遇虎): If one goes up mountain often, one would eventually meet the tiger. That is, if you keep doing bad things, you will be arrested.

There has been no way for Sarawakians to find out the mystery of Taib's wealth, such as how much wealth Taib family has and where has he been hiding his wealth, etc. Since the amount of over US$100 million is so big, he could not manage the big wealth by himself. He has to hire a specialist to handle it. There, the secret started to leak since his relationships with the employee turned sour. If you cannot commit the crime by yourself, don't do it, else the secret will be out one day.

Much of the secret has been published in Sarawak Report with Taib's signature on the documents. The blind (pretended to be blind) ACA does not want to act. What else does ACA need in order to act? All secrets are compiled for immediate action at Sarawak Report.

Recently, the US agency withheld the American properties of former Taiwanese President because of money laundering. Will there be double standard if US will not act on Taib's American properties? I think the oppositions and NGO need to initiate the process in the American court. I hope this will not be far so that all the wealth can be back to Sarawakians one day.

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