Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taib remarried?

If this is true, it is a shock. He lost Laila just last year and it came with such a sudden news. A few points of thought:-

His image of being a nice husband to Laila was almost a joke. Perhaps he was too afraid of Laila and behaved as a mouse.

Why 74 years old and 30+? No doubt that he likes young woman. Viagra or Pokok Bintangor?

Why from Lebanon? This is another doubt on why the woman has to be imported and how he got to know her.

Lastly, if the woman is again much taller than him. As usual, a habit.
[Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes]
By The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 18 — As speculation mounts over Sarawak’s polls, state Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud has instead gone ahead to marry a Lebanese, believed to be a former flight attendant, in Kuching last night.

Umno’s Utusan Malaysia and political sources said the 74-year-old widower’s private wedding was officiated by Sarawak Mufti Kipli Yassin. The wedding reception is scheduled for tonight, the newspaper reported.

Asked to comment on the reported marriage after a dinner and dialogue with Chinese associations last night, the newspaper quoted the chief minister as saying:”Not yet.”

Abdul Taib’s wife Puan Sri Laila Taib died of cancer in April 2009. They had been married since 1959 and have four children — Jamilah, Mahmud Abu Bekir, Sulaiman Abdul Rahman and Hanifah apart from 15 grandchildren.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Price Hike

There is only one good item: sugar.
We should consume less sugar. Don't you know that we all are over weighted?
Tobacco is bad for health and the price got higher and higher ever since. The sugar should be the same. Let's drink half each time.

PUTRAJAYA: The prices for RON95 petrol and diesel will increase by 5sen per litre at midnight (12.01am Dec 4) while the prices of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and sugar will be up by 5sen and 20sen per kg respectively.

RON95 would be raised to RM1.90 per litre from the current RM1.85 while price of diesel would be retailed at RM1.80 per litre. LPG and sugar will cost RM1.90 and RM2.10 per kg respectively.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


There is a Chinese saying (上得山多終遇虎): If one goes up mountain often, one would eventually meet the tiger. That is, if you keep doing bad things, you will be arrested.

There has been no way for Sarawakians to find out the mystery of Taib's wealth, such as how much wealth Taib family has and where has he been hiding his wealth, etc. Since the amount of over US$100 million is so big, he could not manage the big wealth by himself. He has to hire a specialist to handle it. There, the secret started to leak since his relationships with the employee turned sour. If you cannot commit the crime by yourself, don't do it, else the secret will be out one day.

Much of the secret has been published in Sarawak Report with Taib's signature on the documents. The blind (pretended to be blind) ACA does not want to act. What else does ACA need in order to act? All secrets are compiled for immediate action at Sarawak Report.

Recently, the US agency withheld the American properties of former Taiwanese President because of money laundering. Will there be double standard if US will not act on Taib's American properties? I think the oppositions and NGO need to initiate the process in the American court. I hope this will not be far so that all the wealth can be back to Sarawakians one day.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mountains are melting

Some local Foochows said the mountains beyond Kapit were melting. The melted mountains sent the ice (mud) and trees down the river.

After eating, one needs to go to toilet. But the toilet pipe was blocked and the poo could not pass down smoothly. What a poor situation for Rejang. The whole thing looked so ugly just like a crazy person who could not do the right thing in the toilet (in Foochow: sei zo suo lou ban) - with poo all over the floor.

I think Rejang River is full of cancer tumors now, blocked here and there. When will the doctor be operating this main intestine?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bakun Dam

Every body knows that Bakun Dam is a super white elephant.

Why we need Bakum Dam and how Sarawak can have that much money to buy it? The money can be spent in a better way to benefit the people.

Bakun Dam has been milking us for a long time, and will continue to milk us

Sunday, September 26, 2010

不要臉 We all stayed in power!

Do you think Taib Mahmud, George Chan and Wong Soon Koh would consider to give up seats as they claimed?

Do you think SUPP was really considering to get out of BN as reported?

That was just their regular acting. To fool the people.

They are just an useless group of people and political parties. How would these people dare to give up the best job on earth? Those waiting on the line simply have been cheated. Another disappointment for the people and their party members on the waiting list. It will be another 4 years until your chance MAY (not sure) come.

They would not step down because there are still so many juicy stuffs to suck from the people.

They will be gone only when God throw them to the hell (death sentence for them) or when the people vote them out. That day is numbered, no matter which one comes first.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

leaders, but lacking vision

When you build a road from Sibu to the airport, you keep modifying and modifying, as if the ending is never coming.

When you said for flood control, you just fill the road a bit higher, filling and refilling, for more than half a century. The ending of filling never come.

When you say we will have a new airport, it was like a little hut, and you have to keep expanding and expanding it. The final shape is never coming because we never have one of the international standard.

What is wrong here? The leaders lacked vision. You cannot guess and predict about the future. You cannot plan for the future. You should not be called a leader. This kind of cut and paste idea is really bad. You wasted the tax payers money because you have to constantly pour in money.

And one more item. Why only the companies from west Malaysia can build and modify our airport? Are we that backward? Do you know that in order to help the local economy going, the money has to be dropped in Sibu. Don't let the outsiders (MCA or UMNO cronies) come and take away from us.

We need the jobs badly.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

you help me, I help you


*砂中國貿易進出口商會 『中秋聯歡晚會暨2010年度會員子女教育獎勵金頒獎禮』
*首相兑现承诺 千万拨款惠67华小
*高阳许氏公会 11月17双禧庆典
*颁助学金办敬老会 古田公会周三庆中秋
*拉讓江曾邱(丘) 26日中秋歌賽
*歡迎購餐券出席 福州周一慶中秋
*潁川陳氏公會 中秋聯歡會

除非是'you help me, I help you'的1千萬﹐不然真的無效

Monday, September 20, 2010


What a joke! Goh was inconsistent with what he said within a speech. He needed to be re-elected in order to look after the Heng Hua people. And then he started talking about 1Malaysia, looking after all Malaysians irrespective of the race, religion, etc.

These two points are in contradiction to each other. So what was his main point? Was it that in BN, they look after their own race, thus he needed to be reelected??


吴春祥:倘无法蝉联 兴属失争取权益管道


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Saturday, September 11, 2010


It is very true that the old goodies have been in power for too long until they became so corrupted and so abusive. They have to be told about democracy and set a term limit to the top posts. They must also be told about not passing the power to the sons and relatives. The kind of political dynasty, like that of North Korea and Singapore, should be avoided.

东姑安南评人联困境 在位太久领袖应让贤





















Wednesday, September 8, 2010

治水提案 - a proposal

在kampong Kerto挖運河﹐減少河水滾進詩巫(畢竟河水不喜歡走彎路)﹐也避免因為流速減低導致泥沙沉澱在詩巫河道。





This is a proposal to deal with the constant flooding problem. The most straight forward idea is to dig a canal at Kpg Kerto to allow direct flow of water along Rejang River. Water does not like to meander because it slows down and also it rushes into Sibu town. As the water gets trapped, it floods Sibu. The canal will be about 1 km long at the narrowest point, and therefore, the construction will not be difficult.

To prevent high tide from entering Sibu, a gate may be needed. In the long run, Rejang River in front of Sibu may become a tourist spot, to become like a man-made lake.

I appreciate your discussion on this proposal, especially its potential problems.

Note: this is the proposal to deal with flooding from Rejang River. The drainage from inside the town is a separate issue that will be addressed separately.

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福州人今後是不是需要撤退到下游的鄉村去了(balik 山芭)

周平清:助巫开埠发展 先辈功绩盼记入正史
























  (福建侨联网 2005年3月7日 10:00 AM )

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Please stop fighting and arguing.

We want to see the action, real action! It is useless to argue.

You want the report for what? BN has produced many useless reports. It is a waste of time and effort.

Just go ahead to dredge it, even if there is no permit to dredge. Let's see if BN will send in the police to arrest the volunteers.

两阵营11分钟对喊呛声 历史性会面草草收场








  黄顺舸:Good Morning!(笑)

  黄和联:(笑着回应)Good Morning!这是行动党31年来第一次来有部长到访,所以我看这是行动党之福,也是诗巫人民的大幸,欢迎大家在任何时候都可以来的。(黄顺舸切入:我们今天不谈政治,我们谈大家关心的诗巫治水问题,不谈政治。)






  黄和联:NO, NO,部长,我知道你的来意了,一个个来,不要两个来(黄顺舸:不,我就完了..,我就完了...)






  黄顺舸:我们....你给我们这个书,我们的计划书随时有的,因为你还没有申请书还没有来,你应该要给我们一个完整的财政与技术报告计划书,and give us your company profile,根据你说你公司都还没有注册,我们怎么能交你一份我们的计划书。

  黄和联:You See,部长说我连公司都还没有注册,已经要求这些文件是吗?我看部长相当健忘,你忘记了这个...你在报章上的宣布是说你要给黄和联机会,啊,并不是给他人机会,也不是给行动党机会,也不是给国民党机会,对不对,那个我看是文不对题了。很简单,你的建议是说你的执照将出给谁,你要给黄和联一次赚钱的机会,做政治,我想这个赚钱机会,我先坦白声明一下,那是第一点。第二点我看整个诗巫的治水计划,不止是关系到你们三位YB,所谓民选议员,我今天看到有5 个椅子放在那边,人联党方面至少有5个民选的议员,今天我们都欢迎他来,包括阿旺比米,南甲的州议员,也包括都东的州议员孙春德,嗯...(黄顺舸插嘴说:我不谈政治,我....)











































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Saturday, August 28, 2010

say no to white 'hair' rajah dynasty

We cannot tolerate the formation of a second white 'hair' rajah dynasty in Sarawak. This got to stop. No more passing of power from uncle to nephew or to son or cousin or whatsoever.

Also don't count on useless Alfred Jabu.

In addition, the chief minister cannot have such absolute power, and should not stay in throne for so long. Something like 2 or 3 terms is a maximum.

Get out of the Rolls Royce, the castle and the private jet.

At the moment, the politicians have no say to Taib. All the party members are too afraid of him. They always expressed strong support in public, but you know what is behind the scene. All hated him.

Najib, Taib to discuss CM’s post
August 27, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 27 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will meet with Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) president Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud over the latter’s intention to withdraw from politics.

Najib, who is also Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman, said any decision made must be based on the spirit of friendship between BN and PBB.

He said PBB, as a loyal friend of BN, had contributed a lot to BN’s success and was still the pillar of the BN government in Sarawak.

“I will have a heart-to-heart talk with the Sarawak chief minister before any decision is made,” he told a news conference after chairing the Umno supreme council meeting, here, today.

Recently, the 74-year-old Taib who is the longest-serving chief minister after 29 years since March 26, 1981, said he could not decide whether to step down as the matter had to be discussed and approved by the top BN leadership.

Taib who has been PBB president since 1981 and is also Sarawak BN chairman, was reported as saying that he had wanted to withdraw from politics in 2006 but many in the party wanted him to stay on and he decided not to retire then.

Friday, August 27, 2010


He is indeed a king, hiding inside the castle and not knowing what the people want. He only knows how to travel by Rolls Royce on the roads and fly by his private jet in the air.

The opposition said SUPP did not reflect the Chinese request to Taib, thus Taib has no clue of our need.

But, is Taib the chief minister for the Melanau only? In fact he does not know what the Chinese want, what the Iban/Dayak and all other people want.

He knows only what he and his family wants.

If Taib will be removed, this is a great achievement of the opposition. No body dared to speak against Taib in the past. I think even SUPP will be so grateful to the opposition.

But we need all those stolen nation wealth back to the state.


They are both country of Malay majority, dominated by the same language and religion. But recently the relationship between the two countries have turned sour. Much demonstrations against Malaysia can be seen in Indonesia.

What went wrong? My personal accounting of the events, such as Indonesian former president expressed personal support against political assassination of Anwar, bad and inhuman treatment of the Indonesian beauty by the Trengganu royal prince, in human treatment of Indonesian maids by Malaysians, etc.

What has this government do to rectify the deteriorating relationship?

I think Sarawak is the first state to be in danger shall a riot be coming to Malaysia because of the direct land access. Sarawakians should pay attention to development of this series of events.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Swan & Flooding

The swans are very happy because there is a lot of water during flooding. They swim and they dive, any place in Sibu.

So what to change? The name (SiBU) or the meaningless symbol (Swam)?

When I look at this statement, it means the flooding problem will not be solved until the 10th Malaysian Plan will be over.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

SUPP out of BN?

This is just a show and the show is broadcast in Sarawak Chinese newspapers only. SUPP has been praising Taib's leadership all the time. What would they say now?

SUPP top guns will be meeting Najib? They better suggest to Najib that Taib should be removed. People are not supporting SUPP mainly because of Taib. SUPP should insist that Taib be removed as a criteria of staying in BN.

The opposition suggested SUPP to get out of BN. It is better not to offer any good suggestion. The life of the opposition will be better if SUPP (and MCA) continues to stay with BN.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cheap publicity

I think the right way to do is first to find out if this is not the extramarital son of the man. Do a DNA testing.

It is still hard to believe how this story can be true. In Sibu, many men have an Iban woman as second wife, and they bear children. Perhaps he took his son home to let the wife take care of him with a story made up. If some one left a child with you, the right thing to do is to report to the police.

I am still not sure if this man did not break any rules (if it is not his son).


Monday, August 16, 2010


I am quite disappointed because no more MP and YB died recently. As a result, we don't have any b'U'y election. No santa gifts are coming!



  据悉,千万令吉将于9 月20日分发出去。至于分配方式,在小组会议上已提出方案,只待本月29日的理事会议后才正式公布。

  华小董联会于6 月27日召开的理事会议上,在讨论特别小组提出的3项分配方案上发生激烈的争论。出现最大的争议就是千万令吉是只分给诗巫省内的57间华小还是包括沐胶及加帛的10间华小。

  特别小组和10间外省(沐胶与加帛省)的华小在今早的会议上达致共识,同意诗巫省57间华小平均分配16万令吉,余额88万令吉由华小董联会补足到90万令吉,再平均分配给10间外省的华小,每间得9 万令吉。

renaming Sibu?

Come on, most Chinese do not know about this intention of renaming Sibu. Only a very tiny fraction of Chinese are involved and majority are placed in darkness.

If possible, we should throw away the white swan into the drain and decide a new symbol for Sibu. We should not have a symbol decided by a few minority.

My old friend, Lau(old) NaiYou(you know and I know), said that he doesn't know what Lau Nai Hoh is trying to do.


Chinese name for Sibu? Bumiputera leaders see red
August 15, 2010

SIBU, Aug 15 — Bumiputera community leaders are not happy over a plan by the United Chinese Association (UCA) here to seek a new Chinese name for the town.

A front-page report in a local Bahasa Malaysia daily Utusan Borneo today quoted their leader, Temenggong Datuk Wan Hamid Edruce Tuanku Mohammad, as saying they were unhappy that “a number of sensitive issues” had been raised lately.

“Give us a little respect and do not hurt our feelings.

“We have been around for a long long time. Sibu is not going to be our second home,” he said.

He made the statement yesterday together with Pemamca Sharifah Mariam, Temenggong Sir Adrian Ringgau and Pemanca Wilfred Kiroh of the Iban community, Penghulu Shari Ubu of the Melanau community, and others.

UCA president Datuk Lau Nai Hoh had recently proposed for the new name.

He said in Chinese, Sibu was known as “Shi Wu” but the second word or “Wu” was a witch.

Wan Hamid said the community should have been consulted first over any proposal for changes and especially when they involved mutual rights.

“Sad to say, we have never been consulted. We are not against the government or any of its policies.

“But when sensitive issues regarding church, temple, mosque or cemeteries are concerned, we will appreciate it if we are consulted for our views,” he said.

He said even many road names here had been changed lately without any consultation with them. — Bernama

Saturday, August 7, 2010



2010-08-07 20:02






Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Any more flooding for Sibu?

It looks like all the flood control projects are close to completion. We are now guaranteed a flood-free Sibu!?

巫治水如火如荼 四大工程 年底竣工











此项工程涵盖5米宽的洋灰沟、暗沟、天然沟和地下电缆箱之建筑工程,从而提升排水系统的排水量。工程耗资844万5000令吉,由AKOBEST SND BHD承建,施工期预计为12个月。该工程已于2009年7月展开。


此项工程是由万隆路第一巷至宋溪南甲的排水水沟提升,包括2.5米宽的洋灰沟、和地下电缆箱。工程耗资989万6000令吉,由HOCK SENG LEE BERHAD承建,工程期12个月。该工程已于2009年7月展开。


该工程是为了减少诗巫市中心水患问题,将在第十大马计划下展开。这包括了兴建两座大抽水站。该工程耗资3598万900令吉,工程已交由MUSYATI SDN BHD公司承建,另外,ACCURATE TECHNICS HOLDING SDN BHD则为二手承包商,负责机械技术工程。该工程于2009年9月28日移交予承建公司,施工期52个星期。


乌也路诊所旁排水系统提升工程,由该路旁的排水沟通布律克路大水沟,开拓另一条的排水道,疏通该地区的积水水患问题。工程将包括1.8米宽的洋灰沟和 2.5米宽的暗沟,耗资908万8000令吉,预计施工期是12个月。该工程于去年9月24日移交予承建公司MEGAH CERIA REKABENA SDN BHD。

(四)乌也路排水系统提升工程 60%

红水沟与林梦岸 2抽水站完成近半




该工程耗资3598万900令吉,工程已交由MUSYATI SDN BHD公司承建。另外,ACCURATE TECHNICS HOLDING SDN BHD则为二手承包商,负责机械技术工程。该工程已于2009年9月28日移交予承建公司,施工期52个星期。





Friday, July 23, 2010

I am a minority

Only recently during the Sibu b'U'y election did I realised that the population of Christian was around 10% in the country.

In addition, Foochow is a small tribe among the Chinese.

So we are really an endangered animal. We need protection.

Are we really Chinese? I afraid we are not, because our religion is not traditional Taoism. But we followed a bit of Confucius thinking.

We deserved a new naming for our tribe.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

10000000 ringgit

Are Chinese smart? Are the Chinese independent school management board smart? do they know how to use this 10000000 ringgit? a lot of money!!

Do you want to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs? It is better to let it lay the eggs continuously than killing it and rob the wealth. Put this 10000000 ringgit into a foundation and then use the interest each year.

Will that be too small? Then have another b'u'y-election to increase the amount.

Or there is another plan?

Grants for Sibu, Kapit Chinese schools to be distributed

The RM10 million grant for 60 government-aided primary schools in Sibu and Kapit will be distributed soon, Environment and Public Health Minister Wong Sook Koh said.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Laila Taib College

Despite some fishy things going on, Wong Soon Koh pointed his fingers at others for politicising the "lehlon" of United College. He said he does not want to explain more about it in the future.

It is dictatorship, thus you can explain it only at your wish. The best way is to open up your check book and let the public make the judgement. There were indeed so many gray issues on the management of United College and then the "lehlon" of this college to become Laila Taib College. You cannot run this College as your family business.

You kept saying it is the cheapest college in Malaysia. You could be right, but the fact is its quality is also the lowest.

You mentioned that Taib's brother donated the land. I wonder how can an outsider of Sibu got so much land in Sibu.

黄顺舸:提供廉宜升学选择 联合学院建设乃为砂民

(本报诗巫26 日讯)原砂联合学院董事主席拿督斯里黄顺舸部长表示,当初砂联合学院创设时,土地和硬体建筑分别是由拿督杜菲玛目和已故拿督斯里刘会干博士的启德行集团所报效,当年捐款给该学院的人士包括丹斯里张晓卿、拿督许如泉、拿督许如衡、已故拿督陈仁华以及拿督斯里陈则颂等。










推展礼期间以及首相到访莱拉泰益学院时,对于该学院能提供全免学费的事﹐高教部长和首相两人感到万分惊讶﹐因为全马再也找不到﹐在砂拉越基金奖学金计划下 ﹐提供全校学生学费全免的事。















Monday, June 21, 2010


How can a deputy education minister supports gambling, while he is holding this position?

Let me vent my anger toward Wee Ka Siong. If he supports gambling, he better quit his job as deputy education minister now. This is like an uneducated proposal that is unhealthy for education, thus he is unfit (no longer relevant) as deputy education minister.

It is wrong for UMNO to say that Chinese like gambling or support gambling. It is only MCA that supports gambling. Remember, MCA represents only less than 30% of the Chinese.

I suspect MCA supports gambling because it is tied to the black money. It needs these black money to operate.

Sunday, June 20, 2010



Nazri: Parliament need not decide on Tian Chua
Jun 20, 10 6:47PM
Minister in the PM's Department Nazri Aziz said everyone should hold to the High Court decision to avoid a by-election for the Batu parliamentary seat.

Election promise

No university for Sibu, confirmed by the Minister for Higher Education. So what are all those nice promises during election?

Who said the number of universities satisfied the need of Sibu? It is not the case. We should ditch away BN

高教部长:需求满足 政府不增设国立大学需求满足














Friday, June 18, 2010

Tian Chua b'u'y election?

Whenever there is a b'u'y election, the santa has to give out millions of ringgit. I don't think Najib wants to have another one, especially if it is the strong hold of the Pakatan.

My guess is the election commission will let Tian Chua go. Let's wait and see the outcome

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brunei Sultan and M'sian wife

The sultans in bolehland are full of scandals (revoking Chua Jui Ming's datukships, in-fighting between the princesses in Kelantan, fightings between royal families of different states, princess abused Indonesian wife, etc.), and the sultan in Brunei is also facing his kind of problems.

After the oil fields were taken away, surrendered by Abdullah and Najib, now the Malaysian girl is ditched after having acted as little wife for 5 years. I afraid our feeling toward Brunei would be at its lowest point.

When the Indonesian beauty was abused by the Kelantan princess, the anti Malaysian emotion was at its peak. I don't know if there will be any demonstration against Brunei sultan by UMNO and Perkasa.

Young pretty girls, don't ever tried to dream of becoming a snow white!

Brunei Sultan divorces M'sian wife

The sultan of the small oil-rich kingdom of Brunei has divorced his third wife and stripped her of all royal titles after five years of marriage.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, 63, divorced Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim, 30, a former Malaysian television journalist, whom he married in 2005, according to state television late Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

too many bright students

We are really good in producing abundant bright students. Bright in the sense that they got so many A+, leaving aside the real contents of our A+. Are we enough to create the world record?

No wonder we can afford to export so many of our bright people to overseas in the form of brain drain, because we have too many of the bright ones!

Why we give people free lunch? Let them be responsible a bit for their spending by giving them loan instead of free lunch.


Nazri: Putrajaya has no funds for bright students
By Clara Chooi
Nazri said the academic achievements of students have outstripped the government’s ability to sponsor them. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, June 14 — Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz admitted today that the government did not have the “capacity” to finance the studies of the growing pool of bright students in the country.

The minister in the prime minister’s department said the public would just have to accept the reality of the situation although it was an unpopular decision.

“We have to tell the truth. We just cannot afford it. Just like how a parent cannot afford to send their children abroad to further their studies, the government cannot afford it.

“We do not have the financial capacity that permits us to send every good student abroad,” he told The Malaysian Insider at the MP’s lounge in the Parliament building here this afternoon.

Nazri, who is the minister in charge of the Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships, was explaining the Cabinet’s decision to eventually scrap the 1,500 scholarships offered to students for undergraduate studies overseas.

He said the government spent billions on scholarships annually and could no longer afford to accommodate the growing pool of bright students.

“There are two things here. One, it is financial capacity. Secondly, it is this: however we do it, whether we reclassify the As that the students get to A+, A and A-, the fact remains that in this year alone, the number of students who obtained 9A+ were over 1,200.

“This means that the boys and girls are getting more and more clever and we cannot reduce the number of scholarships we give out by re-grading the As any further,” he explained.

As a result, said Nazri, the Cabinet last week agreed that PSD scholarships given to students applying for courses in foreign universities would only go to those pursuing postgraduate courses and not undergraduate courses.

He noted that the 1,200 of the 1,500 presently offered to the students would slowly be phased out from next year onwards.

The remaining 300, which make up the quota for the Perdana Scholarships, would be retained.

“This is based solely on merit. Like this year, 80 per cent of the 300 scholarships were given to non-Bumiputras,” he said.

The Perdana Scholarships, he noted, would be given out to the cream of the crop and only to those accepted in Ivy League schools.

“For the remaining 1,200, we will phase them out completely over the years. For example, last year, from the PSD, we gave out 2,000 scholarships, including the Perdana Scholarships.

“This year, we reduced the number to 1,500. Next year, we will continue [to reduce this further],” he said.

Nevertheless, Nazri said that the extra funds would be given out as scholarships to students pursuing courses in the local universities.

“Ultimately, the purpose is also to retain our good students here in our local universities. We want our good students to study locally and this is our long-term goal.

“We want our universities to be first-class. We want to retain the money here, so we finance those in local universities — we want the talent here,” he said.

Nazri noted that one of the reasons behind the brain drain problem in the country was that many students pursued their studies in foreign universities.

“And when they are there and they have the connection, they no longer want to return,” he said.

First Lady

Najib: 'First Lady' not higher than the queen

Who can say that the first lady is not higher than the queen?

The boleh queen can last for only 5 years, but the boleh first lady can be 17 years in the case of Siti Hasmah, or almost 29 years in the case of Laila Taib.

Friday, June 11, 2010

no more public university in Sarawak

Does Taib mean that Laila Taib College will not become the next university in Sarawak? This sounds like a serious matter based on what SUPP promised to the Sibu people

CM: No plan for another public university

June 11, 2010, Friday

KUCHING: There is no immediate plan to set up a new public university in Sarawak, said Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

“The present population (in the state) does not justify such a big plan.

“Nevertheless, I think it is worthwhile to get reputable private universities to come in and develop their own campus in Sarawak instead,” he told reporters after a delegation from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus visited him yesterday.

Taib pointed out that both Curtin and Swinburne were actually doing quite well, where the latter was looking forward to increase its capacity to 4,000 students next year from the present 3,000.

He said that Curtin and Swinburne universities had been conducting good programmes for undergraduates and both had been able to maintain their high standard.

“As for Swinburne, it has just receive a self-accreditation recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education, which means they now can get the accreditation for their own courses themselves,” he explained.

Taib said private universities ought to maintain their high quality of education and grow big enough to attract both local and international students.

At the same time, he also urged the various universities in Sarawak to have sufficient consultation among themselves so as to avoid conducting too many “uneconomic courses”.

He added that the present set of education programmes in the state was on the right track to meet the state’s manpower demands, particularly with the development of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

Meanwhile, during the visit, the Swinburne delegation, led by its chairman Datuk Amar Tan Sri Adenan Satem, presented a copy of the university’s certificate of self-accreditation status to Taib, who is the Pro Chancellor of Swinburne’s Sarawak Campus.

The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) awarded Swinburne Sarawak the status after an audit of the campus in October last year based on the Code of Practice for Institutional Audit.

MQA is a statutory body responsible for monitoring and overseeing quality assurance practices and accreditation of national higher education.

In the audit, it looked into nine areas, namely — vision, mission, educational goals and learning outcomes; curriculum design and delivery; assessment of students; student selection and support services; academic staff; programme monitoring and review; leadership, governance and administration; and continual quality improvement.

首长:须具一定人口数量 砂无意再设公立大学










Sunday, June 6, 2010


Is this a joke for the government? The standard of the SPM examination should be raised. There is no way you can produce so many A+ students compared to that of several decades ago. You just wanted to show that the education ministry did an excellent job by giving out A+ to many students. This abusing of SPM was after the fact that most people now have secured free pass in the SPM examination. If all these A+ students were true, we are already a country full of genius people.

Saturday June 5, 2010
Too many top scorers, too few PSD scholarships

KUALA LUMPUR: It is not possible to award Public Services Department (PSD) scholarships to all of the SPM straight-A students because there are too many of them.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said 7,800 students obtained straight As while the PSD could only offer 1,500 scholarships.
Engrossed: Pupils Lai Siew Shan (left) and Chin Xin Yee looking at a book at the Read Malaysia fair in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

However, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and Dr Wee, who is also MCA Youth chief, said they had appealed to the PSD during a recent meeting to give out more scholarships in view of the high number of top scorers.

During the meeting with PSD director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam, Dr Chua and Dr Wee brought up the case of 1,304 top SPM scorers who did not get scholarships from the department.

“Currently, 1,500 scholarships are given out, 214 to students with A+s,” said Dr Wee after launching the Read Malaysia 2010 book fair yesterday.

Dr Wee hoped that in future students with the most number of A+s would be given priority in the awarding of scholarships.

He also said that the DAP should not hit out at him because the awarding of the scholarships was not under his ministry.

At the book fair, Dr Wee said that the Malaysian Reading Profile Study 2005 by the National Library found that the number of books read by Malaysians in the past 10 years improved to two books each a year compared to the average of only two pages in 1996.

“Despite the improvement, the figure is still minimal for a nation that has a population of 28 million, and we hope Malaysians will also choose books that are of substance to read,” he added.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pasar Sibu

Did you notice that all the main politicians came to the Central Market? Is this place the centre of population concentration?

Photos from See Hua Daily News (used without permission)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Samy vs Taib

So many people are pushing Samy to retire. Even Mahathir is suggesting Samy to retire, since Samy's term far exceeded his. Samy has been president of the MIC for 31 years.

However, Samy has never been a prime minister. How can that satisfy him?

Taib is in power for 30 years and is enjoying more wealth than Samy. Why no one from the federal is asking Taib to go? Mahathir mentioned about Samy but never mentioned about Taib. That was not fair.

Besides the opposition, who else dared to ask Taib to go?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Taib implies Sibu does not deserve to be a city

Instead of praising Miri, he simply implied Sibu does not deserve to be a city.

首长:拥各方条件 美里升市实至名归
Saturday, 22 May 2010 08:21



Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wong Soon Koh

If Wong Soon Koh keeps bullying the opposition in the State Assembly, he will not just be defeated, but will be knocked out miserably in the coming state election. He has not learned from the recent defeat of his party in Sibu.

How can they simply bully our representatives who were elected by us? It is a direct bullying on the people. After being granted the job by his cousin, it is 20+ years. It is too long enough to corrupt a person like him. He has all that he wanted.

Wong Soon Koh led the BN team for the recent Sibu b'U'y-election. He made the prime minister lost so badly especially after the prime minister has pledged additional 5 juta the night before the polling with the most well-known Rejang Park speech. Wong Soon Koh would have been sent to the guillotine for this defeat if it were the middle-age China or Europe. In modern world, he would have accepted the defeat and judgement of the people. He would have taken full responsibility by stepping down or retiring from politics like what Wong Soon Kai has done. Instead, the man showed no shame.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Frog control

Sibu needs a flood control system, but Malaysia needs a reasonable frog control system.

There are some unethical politicians who were elected because they were in Pakatan Rakyat, yet they jumped because of personal financial interests offered by the Barisan Nasional. We need to teach these politicians a lesson. Of course we can wait until next election to cast our votes, but I think we can do something better before their term is over.

Can the PR controlled states first pass a law allowing the boss (we, the people) to remove the wakil rakyat at anytime during their tenure, if we can have signatures from more than half the voters? Can such decision be made by the state assembly instead of the election commission?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Political Analysts

Sibu b'U'y election produced a vast group of political analysts. Most of them are fresh. Some of them have been to Sibu for the first time and still some have never been to Sibu. By the way Najib has been to Sibu for three times and he said he knows about Sibu - we need 5 million ringgit!

They all gave their claims over the opposition victory. It is interesting to see how they torn Sibu into different pieces and analyse it. But the nice job was done after the election. These could be perfect and a part of academic exercise.

But how many of them were able to do a perfect job before the b'U'y election? No one had satisfied us with the prediction. I afraid you all understood just a part of Sibu, and not its heart.

Sit down in the kopi-tiam and the average Sibu people can give you a better answer. They know all the ins and outs.

I want to see more predictions before the election rather than perfect analyses after the election. So please go ahead to predict the next coming state or parliamentary election.

beauty contest as part of election campaign

SUPP used this beauty contest as part of the election campaign. Wong Soon Koh appeared in the function at RH Hotel to address these beauties.

It ended up as a joke because the organiser gave the Taiwanese beauty a sash TAIWAN CHINA, which roused anger by the Taiwanese government. The beauty had to quit over the pressure of the Taiwanese Foreign Ministry.


竞选期进入第4天,32位2010年国际旅游小姐比赛佳丽正式入驻诗巫市,为补选增添一道“漂亮的风景”。警方也再度传召行动党党员录取口供,调查一场早 已获得警察准证的集会,公青团则投报该党讲座场地东主遭国阵竞选人员恐吓。

32名来自不同国家的佳丽,是在今日中午正式抵达诗巫市最豪华 的常青酒店,以宣传下周在美里举行的2010年国际旅游小姐比赛。他们预料将会逗留两天,然后就会在周四出发到美里。

这些打扮漂亮和火辣的佳丽一出现,就顿时引发竞 选工作人员、媒体与公众的关注和兴奋,同时也捉紧机会与他们合照。

一名记者甚至笑称,这项活动所引起的兴奋,甚至是超越提名日的热潮,全 城似乎都在等待她们的到访。

常青酒店也是砂州国阵这次补选设立的竞选总部,以及新闻部设立的媒体中心地点,因此是许多记者、竞选人员与高 官频密出入之处。


黄 顺舸尽管在致辞时没有触及补选,但是他却一身国阵制服,让这场记者会也增添了拉票的意味。

NONE他也欢迎这些佳丽到访,并介绍诗巫别称“天鹅 城”,是因为这里以前是不漂亮的城镇,犹如丑小鸭一般,但随后却蜕变为美丽的天鹅。

披TAIWAN CHINA肩帶 被爆矮化國格

〔記者謝文華、許紹軒/台北—馬來西亞越洋採訪〕馬來西亞阿拉力克公司(ALARIC’S PRODUCTIONS COMPANY)六日至二十日,於馬來西亞沙勞越舉辦「二○一○洲際旅遊小姐選拔(MISS TOURISM INTERCONTINENTAL)」,為台灣小姐披掛「TAIWAN CHINA」肩帶,遭民眾踢爆矮化國格。




張明珠昨天上午致電外交部新聞處,要求外交部應向主辦單位表達抗議。她憂心,過去赴外選美,台灣能接受的最底線是「CHINESE TAIPEI」,若外交部不抗議,未來國際選美賽事恐循此模式,台灣在選美舞台上,將永遠淪為中國的一部分!

這項賽事現正進行到親善訪問、媒體爆光階段,民眾向本報爆料,在「當今大馬」馬來西亞當地新聞網刊登的照片,台灣小姐身上竟披掛「TAIWAN CHINA」肩帶。

阿拉力克接受本報記者電話採訪時表示,台灣小姐叫「陳ㄆㄟˋㄧㄥˊ」,被追問肩帶一事,阿拉力克只重複說了「Taiwan China」,未解釋說明就把電話掛上,不再接聽。





民進黨立委陳瑩認為,不論參賽者態度、觀念為何,外交部都應向主辦單位表達抗議。對於陳小姐認為披「TAIWAN CHINA」肩帶沒有不妥,陳瑩感嘆,陳小姐國家認同錯亂,顯示出國家在建立台灣認同的教育上非常失敗,再加上中國無時無刻用各種正面、負面的方式「同化」台灣,這是很嚴重的事,未來台灣派到國外的參賽者,都應該先上一堂「台灣認同課」,導正觀念再踏出國門。

遭批不愛國 余祥銓女友淚眼退賽 【5/19 19:27】

〔本報訊〕立委余天兒子余祥銓的女友Amanda,因為披著「Taiwan China」肩帶參加選美,遭批「不愛國」,據傳Amanda因為不堪外界的壓力,已經決定退出比賽。

 人在馬來西亞參加選美的Amanda,因為披著「Taiwan China」的肩帶現身鏡頭前,遭網友批評,甚至引發政壇口水戰。但余祥銓的母親李亞萍表示,Amanda到馬來西亞後承受很大壓力,每天都以淚洗面,18日晚間兩人視訊通話,就看到Amanda把眼睛都哭腫了,為了平息爭議,Amanda也決定退賽,今日就會從馬來西亞返回台灣。


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BN should benefit from the defeat

It was quite a surprise that the BN accepted the defeat graciously. If by usual ways, they would have always blamed the people. The local BN politicians, those from Sibu and Sarawak, are trying to be careful in their comments because they have the big brother Najib in mind. Since the big brother Najib has indicated that the campaign lacked creativity and not energetic, anything may be expected to hit their heads as a result of the defeat (Najib said, 'machinery there is still operating in the old ways when they are supposed to be more creative and energetic').

The BN Chinese parties, such as MCA and SUPP, immediately took advantage of the defeat. Where is Gerakan (no voice yet although Koh Tsu Koon was around in Sibu a lot during the campaign)? They started sending signals to UMNO. For example, Chua Soi Lek made the comments about fair implementation of policies. As far as I know, SUPP top guns made similar type of comments about fair implementation of policies which they have denied in the past. Thanks to this defeat, else the 'yes' men would never had a chance to speak out to the big brothers.

I think the government should stop bashing on the opposition. Most people do not like to see the nasty behavior exhibited by the BN politicians, such as expelling or suspending the opposition members in the State Assembly. The YBs or MPs were sent by the people to the legislative assembly and punishing them meant punishing the people. The friendly politicians would be more acceptable to vast majority of the people. For example, look at Lim Guan Eng. He is the Chief Minister of Penang, yet he is so humble and close to the people during the campaign period. Would you like to compare Taib and BN top guns to him, who acted like an emperor, having many body guards around and coming with the most luxurious car and living in a palace? We want to ask the question: who are you?

BN should work hand in hand with the opposition in solving the issues. The ultimate goal of the politics and government is to create a better living society for the people. Development fund, for example, should be allocated to the constituencies which are under the control of the opposition. Much of the money allocated to BN are wasted. Don't throw money around to your kids because you are going to corrupt and destroy them. Direct election of the local members are demanded by the people. Even a big part of the state constituencies of Sibu are under the opposition, there has been no councilors from the opposition. The people want their voice to be represented directly.

P.S. There are a lot more issues about Sibu associated with the failure of BN. I am not going to repeat them here.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Rocket and Shuttle

How nice is this victory when compared with the space shuttle. They both reached the target on Sunday, May 16.

Published: Sunday May 16, 2010 MYT 9:28:00 PM
Shuttle closing in for space station docking

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (AP): Space shuttle Atlantis drew closer to the International Space Station for a Sunday morning linkup, as the astronauts - all 12 of them - excitedly awaited the 215-mile (346-kilometer)-high reunion.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Election Commission should just admit that: yes, they played tricks. Even that, they could not win.

DAP - 18,845
BN - 18,447
Ind -232

Congratulation, the people's power and democracy!

I hope the DPM Muhyiddin has had a pleasant flight lari back to KL.

What is next for Sibu? Reformasi!

The whole SUPP team should be fired. Return the power back to the people.

Taib should also be fired because the b'U'y-election was about the referendum on him.

As indicated in the previous message, the people said NO to Najib's big shopping.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Say 'NO' to God of Wealth

Teach Najib and Barisan Nasional a lesson: we don't worship the God of Wealth! Najib, UMNO and SUPP insulted us because they thought we are less intelligent like Ulu Selangor.

Sorry Ulu Selngor, indeed your created such a record, or else Najib would have stopped doing it. Now, we, the people of Sibu, will stop him.

What Najib showed us is he is rich because he is controlling our money. Do you think such an idiot politician knows how to manage properly a country? He is spending our future. He is not just buying locally for what he wants, but also paying close to 100 millions to APCO in getting to meet Obama.

We are terribly sick of this BN government. They are going to bankrupt the country.

'one' Malaysia is just 'one' thing: big shopping or b'U'ying (and no brain)

Evaluation of SUPP candidate

We got to know better the SUPP candidate for this b'U'y-election. My general impression is he is not ready for the job. He is like a newbie and I could hardly believe that he has served the council for 17 years and has been a practicing lawyers for a while. I do not consider my view on him a personal attack, because I believe a representative should be open to our evaluation.

youtube part1 part 2

1. The appointment as the designated successor by Robert Lau Hoi Chew, because he is the cousin, is the first negative fact. He is from a super rich family with the corporation making its wealth from destroying the natural resources.

2. Sibu is a town of great intelligence and we thought we have best brains around to represent Sibu, such as Dr. Wong Soon Kai. We were already disappointed by the representatives such as the deceased Robert Lau and Tiong Tai King who are not the most well educated people in Sibu. New Robert Lau is a lawyer, studied in UK, but we found out that he attended a so so school, not better than our local universities, with a world ranking of 936.

3. Robert Lau does not speak well. His English is so so and his Mandarin is poor. The most important skill of a politician is public speaking. The speech should be convincing to the people. That is how Obama won the support of the people and world leaders. I would feel so malu if Sibu is represented by him. Compared to the politicians coming to Sibu over the past week, we could see how much better they are compared to our local politicians. Over the campaign period, he hardly made any good speech, and most of the time he was a puppet. The big brothers such as Wong Soon Koh and even MCA and UMNO leaders have to speak for him. I do not see any way he can speak for us, and likely he is another yes man.

4. His public service record is weak. In the video released on youtube, he admitted that his job was mainly on the toilet project. There are so many problems in Sibu to be solved by the politicians. We cannot afford to have this position filled by a trainee who said please give me a chance. We have to pick up one who is ready for the job.

5. Most fundamental issues about Sibu have not been addressed by the candidate and the ruling party: infrastructure, flooding, employment, university education, among others. The worst part is their use of big money (bribes) in trying to cover up all these problems. This b'U'y has greatly insulted our Sibu intelligence. If you are not ready to solve our problems, forget about our votes.

Honestly speaking, I am at a loss about the 'surprise' of the candidate that Taib mentioned not long after Robert Lau Hoi Chew passed away. Perhaps, nothing surprising coming out of this candidate was the 'surprise'

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vote for the change

The young generations have changed. Many of them know exactly why we need to have a change in the government and Sibu b'U'y election can be an important step.

However, we have many older generations who thought they owed the government. They owed Wong Soon Kai and then Lau Hui Chew, in particular through the tiny b'U'y that they got during the previous elections.

They did not know that it is the responsibility of the government to serve the people. There needs no special appreciation as we all are entitled to any help given by the elected government. That is the way I view it if I were the MP or YB. We elect them to serve us.

We need to convince the older generations to change. If you happen to be not living with your parents or if you are outside the country, talk to them or make a phone call, and ask them to go to vote.

Vote for the change. That would be one of the most fantastic jobs you can do for your country.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fundamental issues

With the coming of the God of Wealth, the fundamental issues in Sibu have been buried under the cash. I must say that the cash has shifted the focus of our major concerns.

Infrastructure, flooding, employment and university must be addressed by the Barisan Nasional toward the last stage of the campaign. The ruling party has been promising to solve the problems, but they were never solved. Rather, the problems are becoming more serious.

Long ruling of any political party is going to corrupt the system. Cronies grew bigger and bigger. We can see this clearly by looking at how the major companies (and United College) are tied to the political parties. With the power, one can secure more wealth from the people. There is increasing imbalance between the rich and poor Chinese, not to say between the Chinese and Dayak/Iban. This is not an issue about the race, but the rich and poor of all races.

Let’s see what will be popping up during the last few days of the campaign.

The international organisations should condemn Najib for openly buying votes during the elections. Was it the advice by APCO?






Malay God of Wealth (財神爺)

Najib - the Santa as named by the media or better known as the God of Wealth in Chinese.

Unfortunately the Malay Santa was too busy and had too many clients to distribute his angpao. So he could not enter the temple or stay for longer. This is in contradiction to what SUPP politicians had announced beforehand - Santa will join in the procession. Even for such a simple matter, the SUPP cannot deliver the promise. They always talk big and either cannot deliver or will deliver very little.

After the Malay Santa gave the big angpao, we need some watchdogs to see that the money will be used in the right and transparent way. We don't want them to be wasted or flowing into the crocodile mouths of the cronies of SUPP politicians.

These angpao are not just for helping the Chinese schools, but the ultimate goal should be for helping the LOCAL economy. The projects should be done by the local companies, or a kind of NEP for Sibu in helping the employment. Again, be transparent in awarding the contracts.

Take the money and vote against corruption! You don't want to sell the soul of the Chinese. We will have to pay for it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

b.s. for more than 40 years

Has been developing Sibu for more than 40 years, but SIbu is still under-developed.

Has been fixing the roads in Sibu for more than 40 years, but the roads are still sinking.

Has been cleaning the drains in Sibu for more than 40 years, but the drains are still blocked.

So can we trust you about the flood control? Show us the engineering plan and design instead of just bull shitting about it in the press conference.






I was a good student

The news mentioned that Robert Lau has the most books in his collection and how much he has been reading per day. That sounds very good, but why he attended such a lousy school in UK? More in which candidate is smarter?

刘会耀藏书最多 亦热衷球类玩冲浪











Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Internal Security Act

It would be even better if May 13 commemoration rally will go in Semananjung. Please do it and you will see the response of Sibu!

Can you imagine that freedom of speech is not guaranteed?
Whenever BN felt not comfortable, they would use ISA. This is another reason to reject BN. We should stop them for abusing their power.

Sarawak CID chief Huzir Mohamed has advised all political parties to stop using the "Allah" issue throughout the campaign period.

He said that it is a sensitive issue and warned that if campaigners persist, they could be detained for sedition or under the Internal Security Act.

Chruches and politics

Churches are at the front line to seek the best for the people. They should even sacrifice their lives in protecting the people. Some twenty years ago, the Catholic church stood up to support the people"s power in the Philippines in order to get rid of the dictator Marcos. It was because the people suffered so much under the dictatorship, who was involved in abuse of power and corruptions. With the help of the Catholic church, the people won the democracy. This led to a change in the Philippines.

In the course of history, the church has also been blamed and in fact, carried a black name, because of their attitude of taking no action against Hitler that ended up in the Holocaust and lost of millions of Jewish lives......

So for the churches in Sibu, what course would you take? Don't tell me you do not want to be involved. The candidates are your believers. I hope you should make a decision instead of being political - trying to please the politicians who gave you funds.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ill-planned projects and candies during election is a waste of the people's money. Not just that, the money will lead to more serious corruptions, no matter if you give it to the Chinese community leaders or who else. This will only end up in the pockets of BN politicians.

In general, both parties are well prepared for the campaign. I think PR, especially, have done very well the homework. The assistance by the PR from Semananjung seems especially useful. DAP from the west are all good in Malay language and they help to penetrate into the Malay population. In addition, the help of Keadilan and PAS definitely allows to secure more Malay votes. If DAP is able to keep the previous Chinese votes and with an increase in non-Chinese votes, I think the victory is there.

Big and small thieves

The thief who drove away the car of the Selangor police chief returned the car to the street, and left a message: Sorry PDRM tesilap sapu (Sorry PDRM it was a mistake)

I think this thief is better than our BN politicians and he should be pardoned. First, he returned the car and then he admitted the mistake he made. If I were the thief, I would not have returned it so that I would add more embarrassment to the police.

The BN politicians are worst because,
First, our BN politicians thought they are entitled to steal from the people.
Second, they never admitted that they are doing anything wrong.
Third, they would never return the stolen wealth to us.

I hope the mansions of SUPP politicians will be put up in the web, and we compare them to the long houses and houses of the poor people.

Have you noticed the difference in the kind of cars that BN leaders are using (regular cars versus Mercedes and Lexus)? the kind of chairs they are sitting (coffe shop plastic chairs versus the sofa)? as they come to meet the people.

How many of the politicians here are rich because of their stealing of the people's wealth?

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Sibu becomes well known because of this b'U'y election. Let's learn some historical and cultural aspects of Sibu in a few minutes, if you were not aware of it.
Unfortunately the documentaries are in Mandarin.

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Sibu's Ship building
part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Sarikei shares many similarities with Sibu
part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Democracy requires regular change in government

To assure democracy, we need to have a change in government from time to time. This is a natural process in any democratic countries.

This was the basic philosophy of Dr. Lee Yuan Tseh (李遠哲), the first Taiwanese Nobel laureate, in supporting Chen Sui-ben leading to him being elected as the president of Taiwan in 2000. The change in government ended the dictatorship of the Nationalist party that had ruled Taiwan for more than half a century.

We, the people of Sibu, need to follow this philosophy!

Many people later blamed Dr Lee for supporting Chen, but he insisted that he made a significant contribution to democracy in Taiwan by allowing a change in the government.

When a ruling party does not perform, it will be judged by the people through election. This happened to Chen's party as well.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Consumption tax

Now it comes ......... the consumption tax

Do we think that those money used to buy votes in the b'U'y-elections is from the pocket of Najib? No, definitely not.

The people will have to pay for the price. We pay for Najib's generous shopping. In order to balance the budget, he needs to get the money from some where - from our pockets.

Consumption tax and higher tax rate would be awaiting for us, for both rich and poor, young and old.

Stupid person praised by low-IQ person

Why is the guru besar of UNIMAS trying to praise about Laila Taib College?
You have to realise that Unimas is one of the worst local universities. Your world ranking is 3441. You are the worst among the major government universities in Malaysia.

Your praise of LTK is like a person of low IQ praising a stupid person. Don't treat us Sibu people as stupid. There is a Chinese saying: When crossing the river, the clay Buddha cannot protect himself. Indeed Unimas needs to first improve itself, and how can you try to save LTK with your current ranking?

You can go and sign a thousand papers of memorandum. What is the purpose of doing so? It is meaningless. By doing so, you cannot become better by default.

More about Laila Taib College here: 2012

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Alfred Jabu and not Soon Koh?

The politicians are so blinded about democracy and thought they can simply hand-pick their successors. The biggest recent joke being Mahathir picking up sleeping Abdullah that happened to be a political disaster. Tun Rahman picked up his nephew, Soon Kai picked up his cousin, and Robert Lau picked up his cousin......

Now Tun Rahman wanted to name another successor for his nephew. But he definitely named a wrong person. I may as well ask why it is Alfred Jabu and not George Chan or Wong Soon Koh? The reason is very simple. Under current BN structure, only the biggest party can be the decision maker, just like UMNO is dominating the Malaysian politics where MCA and MIC are just for decoration purpose. Yes, SUPP is there only for decoration purpose and served no other purpose. On the other hand, under the PR structure, any competent person can be the chief minister like in Pulau Pinang.

Alfred Jabu, Wong Soon Koh and George Chan are the worst politicians. They stick to the old tradition of securing their positions by praising Taib, suggesting Taib to continue leading the State. They do not advocate for democracy but for dictatorship. They can sell their race for their own benefit. Look at the situation of the whole Iban/Dayak community that is more obvious to us. A very common stupid thing they did was to support Taib as a motion in the State Assembly during the Haze Disaster. Guys, do you still remember the suffering of the people when Taib enjoyed a trip to Canada by twisting the fact? Yes, SUPP was supporting it blindly so that they can secure their position under Taib.

The presence of Taib - Soon Koh combination is the worst for Sibu, yet Taib could not elevate the status of Sibu in 2005. It is not just the Chinese who suffered greatly under Taib. The Malays are under serious threat. We saw pieces after pieces of Malay kampung disappeared from the Sibu map after being converted into commercial properties.

Recently Soon Koh could sell the people's college for 1 ringgit and renamed it Laila Taib College, under the name of Taib Mahmud's late wife. This was just to please Taib! These politicians could do anything to you in order to secure their own position.

That is all they have been doing and they can do. They are just the songbirds for Taib. They are just holding balls, or called 'Hulingpa' in Foochow (or you can pronounce it as 'falling apart' if you do not speak Foochow). So we better wake up now! Rejecting BN is the only way to change the political structure and to eliminate such family politics and dictatorship in Sarawak.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2012? Laila Taib College

2012 is definitely sooner than 2020, the well known Wawasan 2020. But do you think we will get a university in Sibu if supporting BN during this b'U'y election? My answer is NO.

Sibu to become city in 2005 was an empty promise. It was just a slogan to win the elections. Without fulfilling the promise, the Wawasan team members still do not dare to apologise publicly to the citizens of Sibu. Robert Lau has died and we will never hear his word of apology. We have trusted them in the past, and do we still want to be treated like a 3-year old child?

During previous state election, the same tactic was used by a BN candidate in promising the TARC campus in Bintangor. Even a piece of land was cleared with a construction sign board to make thing looked more real. Of course, nothing happened after the BN candidate won the election. So we should be extra-careful with what BN promised.

Najib better declare that Laila Taib College is renamed Laila Taib University now. There is no need to wait until 2012.

We do not see any plan for Laila Taib College to be changed into a university. If with Wong Soon Koh's son continuing to be the CEO, how can you call it a university with the top not having a PeeHD degree? These people are continuing to treat Laila Taib College as a family business. Remember the Chinese saying not to let the fertile water to flow into other people's rice field. There is no plan of hiring the teaching staffs. If it is for 2012, the hiring should have started by now. You don't come and tell us a kindergarten will be named a primary school tomorrow, with the same teachers.

The whole thing is at most to make it a branch of Unimas with the lecturers flying in and out of Sibu everyday? Or to get a few lousy lecturers. Will you then call it a university? Will we send the children to this kind of ochipara university? We already rejected it as a college and people continue to send their children to outside Sibu. With this Wawasan team, there is no way they can run the college properly, if putting own benefit above public interest. They can only deliver something inferior to us.

If Najib cannot declare the status of university in Sibu now, we may as well wait until 2012 and then see if it happens or not. Then we can decide to vote for BN or not. After having learned several lessons in the past, we should not rush to vote for BN.

So the verdict vote for BN should be a NO.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Limbang issue is always in the mind of Sarawakians. Was it around 1970's when Datuk James Wong was jailed and rejailed because of his voice in the Limbang issue (or he was accused of trading off Limbang)? He became a free man only after he switched SNAP from the opposition to join the ruling party.

Now we suddenly heard of the undertable deal between Malaysia and Brunei about the oil resources near Limbang. Basically we abandoned the wealth. Abdullah and Najib did it without consulting the parliament. Tengku Razaleigh and Mahathir had smelled it, but it took so long until the whole thing started to surface.

Abdullah and Najib sold Sarawak away. How much more are we going to lose from this undertable deal? Do we still want to put our future on BN?

Perkasa, are you ready to fight with BN and Brunei on this serious problem?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hantu b'U'y election

It is very very funny with this b'U'y election. This has probably never happened before in our local history.

First of all, a great local politician named his cousin as successor before he passed away. It was not a sudden death and thus he had had a bit of time to lay down the ground for his cousin.

Then the legacy of this deceased politician became a major part of the b'U'y election. The prodigy candidate jumped many grades (sorry, Soon Choon Teck, David Teng, and many others permanent assistant ministers), despite the fact that he graduated from a university with world ranking of 936 - came close to our local u.

In addition, the prime minister came to worship Wong Nai Siong, in order to tell the local Chinese how close he is to this dead man, as a way to b'U'y the Chinese votes with zero ringgit because Wong Nai Siong has been portrayed as a Foochow God by SUPP.

We are not electing politician based on the candidate himself, as he is less well known. He hardly speaks publicly and seems to have limited idea. He rather employed the big brother agents such as Wong Soon Koh to do the promotion for him. He is behind the scene.

We are now told to elect the new politician based on the spirit of the deceased persons. It also depends on how good are his agents. This is like electing hantu.

Liars in the Press Conference

Where is Soon Choon Teck? He no longer appears in the press conference. But I saw a few interesting reports about how SUPP lied to the people.

Daniel Ngien suggested the people to give the young blood a chance, but did these old goodies of SUPP ever give their young people a chance? They gave it only to their cousin.

Soon Koh accused Kit Siang of the father-son combination in DAP. This is exactly what I meant by the family tie in politics. Look at Taib Mahmud and his son, how Taib got the job from Tun Rahman, how Robert Lau wanted to transfer the job to his cousin. and how Soon Koh made his son the CEO of the United College.

Soo Koh accused DAP of cooperating with PAS. But, who is cooperating with Perkasa? Perkasa is worst than PAS, which has not done anything bad since ruling Kelantan. This Soon Koh is slapping at his own face for what he has said.

There are a lot more statements by Soon Koh that did not make sense. For example, he mentioned that throwing in a few million ringgit by the federal government was not because of the b'U'y election. He also accused Pakatan Rakyat for driving the people out of Malaysia. He does not need to tell us in Sibu about this because everyone know the answer.

Soon Koh and his associates are truly liars who wanted to fool the people. It is a big mistake to try to underestimate our mentality. We are now much smarter than before.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

explain! why?

Wong Soon Koh, please don't tell us about the 3 million ringgit budget for flood control. We cannot trust you and your team.

Explain, why the following failed:-
. Sibu to become a city in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,..never
. keep telling us about flood control for several decades, yet there is still flooding
. keep filling the roads and yet the roads are still sinking
. university in Sibu
. more (to be added)

Can you give us more job opportunities? can you guarantee each one of us in Sibu to get a job (in the government or Rimbuan Hijau or KTS)

Why Robert Lau does not speak and Wong Soon Koh keeps campaigning for him? Does the candidate know what to do? Is the candidate incompetent to such an extent?

Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome Perkasa and Allah issue

Can we invite Perkasa to Sibu? We want to see Ibrahim Ali coming with his Kris. That is exactly the kind of leaders UMNO has, such as Najib and Muhyiddin who pointed their Kris (to the Chinese).

SUPP has been campaigning against PAS in the past by trying to associate DAP with PAS. But the problem is SUPP has the worst enemy of us: Perkasa and UMNO. The real Islam is not that bad because Islam is actually close to Christianity compared to the extremist Perkasa, which is not about religion but about the racism. SUPP has no gut to voice against UMNO and Perkasa. In recent Ulu Selangor b'U'y election, we saw openly that Perkasa in fact supported BN. We should be able to confirm that Perkasa would support SUPP. If invited, Perkasa would come to campaign for SUPP??

It felt like a long while ago when Allah issue and church burning happened. But this was not too long time ago. We tend to forget about thing as soon as we do not get reminded often in the newspapers. The Allah issue is going to resurface again very soon after the b'U'y election. For a town with majority Christians, we certainly need to put this issue as a great concern.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

We are the victims

We heard of million of ringgit being used to bribe the people during any b'U'y elections. Nowadays, bribing is always done under the day light, such that it may not be considered as a bribe any more. It is also disgusting that the Chinese communities, especially the schools, dared to accept such a bribe. It really damaged our good names.

SJKC Rasa sold our Chinese soul for 3 million ringgit - a lot to the small community at Ulu Selangor but negligibly small for the whole Chinese population in Malaysia. From now on, Chinese will be labelled as one who loves money and can be bought cheaply.

My question is, where will those money go? Did they usually go to cronies of BN politicians? Please check the school constructions in Sibu. Who are the contractors? Are the costs reasonable?

Those money spent on Sibu Gate, etc., could have better been spent on other facilities.

The persons who ultimately benefited and became very fat from the b'U'y elections could be the BN itself. The communities are being used by these politicians to make big money. Afterall, all these money come from the poor tax-payers. The people are always the victims.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Which Candidate is Smarter?

The candidates from BN and PR are now confirmed. Congratulation to Robert Lau Hui Yew (RLHY) and Wong Ho Leng (WHL).

But how did the media know that there will be no independent candidate(s), and if I will not stand in order to get some big money, as big as that of Ulu Selangor, from the bUy election?

I want to do something different from the old media, such as the newspapers, else you would not have to visit this blog. The newspapers have reported about the age, profession, family background, etc., for the candidates. You may be interested in measuring their wealth in terms of money and properties, their terms of public service as councillor or ADUN, to whom they are connected to.....

Based on the basic information from the media, I cannot judge which candidate is better (smarter). I simply love smart men. So I look at their educational background. They are both from good secondary schools in Sibu: Methodist and Sacred Heart. I don't know their SPM scores - definitely they did not get 10A or 13A, so they were both not as smart as half of our recent secondary students.

Then, the next measure is where did they go for the tertiary degree? You probably think that those who studied in local universities are not as good as those who studied overseas, because the moon are bigger and round overseas. Wong Ho Leng was reported to have graduated from University of Sydney, Australia, and Robert Lau from University of Hull, United Kingdom. I searched in the web and got the rankings of the universities where the two candidates attended. For comparison purpose, I also got the rankings of several of our major local universities.

I looked at the world ranking by Shanghai Jiaotung University (that is the one Lim Kit Siang always raised in the Parliament because he could not find MU there). University of Sydney is 94. But, I could not find the University of Hull....What should I do?

I looked at another website, 'Ranking Web of World Universities' at
I found all the information that enabled me to make a direct comparison.
University of Sydney is 126 (for the boss of Premier Hotel, your Monash U is 99), and University of Hull is 936.

The best ranked local universities are UPM(686), USM(725), UTM(733), UM(778), UKM(985). To be honest, when coming to these numbers, we are confident in saying that they are equally good.

Now I can tell which candidate is smarter than the other, although they were not up to the standard of our recent secondary school students. Hopefully the information may form part of your judgement in deciding the candidate to vote for. I would vote for a secondary school student if anyone of them will stand in this coming bUy election.

The media are welcome to quote my news, but please cite this blog of your beautiful 'very fat lady.'

The following information are from













從澳洲返國后,1985年當執業律師,1986年4月19日年成為行動黨永久黨員。他曾任行動黨砂州委員會宣傳秘書、財政、政治教育局、砂州社青團團長美里支部主席及詩巫支部主席,從 2000年10月迄今,他出任行動黨砂州委員會主席職。

目前是武吉阿瑟區州議員的黃和聯,自1986年開始便在全國大選都披甲上陣,只有 1990年那一屆息戰。