Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome Perkasa and Allah issue

Can we invite Perkasa to Sibu? We want to see Ibrahim Ali coming with his Kris. That is exactly the kind of leaders UMNO has, such as Najib and Muhyiddin who pointed their Kris (to the Chinese).

SUPP has been campaigning against PAS in the past by trying to associate DAP with PAS. But the problem is SUPP has the worst enemy of us: Perkasa and UMNO. The real Islam is not that bad because Islam is actually close to Christianity compared to the extremist Perkasa, which is not about religion but about the racism. SUPP has no gut to voice against UMNO and Perkasa. In recent Ulu Selangor b'U'y election, we saw openly that Perkasa in fact supported BN. We should be able to confirm that Perkasa would support SUPP. If invited, Perkasa would come to campaign for SUPP??

It felt like a long while ago when Allah issue and church burning happened. But this was not too long time ago. We tend to forget about thing as soon as we do not get reminded often in the newspapers. The Allah issue is going to resurface again very soon after the b'U'y election. For a town with majority Christians, we certainly need to put this issue as a great concern.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

We are the victims

We heard of million of ringgit being used to bribe the people during any b'U'y elections. Nowadays, bribing is always done under the day light, such that it may not be considered as a bribe any more. It is also disgusting that the Chinese communities, especially the schools, dared to accept such a bribe. It really damaged our good names.

SJKC Rasa sold our Chinese soul for 3 million ringgit - a lot to the small community at Ulu Selangor but negligibly small for the whole Chinese population in Malaysia. From now on, Chinese will be labelled as one who loves money and can be bought cheaply.

My question is, where will those money go? Did they usually go to cronies of BN politicians? Please check the school constructions in Sibu. Who are the contractors? Are the costs reasonable?

Those money spent on Sibu Gate, etc., could have better been spent on other facilities.

The persons who ultimately benefited and became very fat from the b'U'y elections could be the BN itself. The communities are being used by these politicians to make big money. Afterall, all these money come from the poor tax-payers. The people are always the victims.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Which Candidate is Smarter?

The candidates from BN and PR are now confirmed. Congratulation to Robert Lau Hui Yew (RLHY) and Wong Ho Leng (WHL).

But how did the media know that there will be no independent candidate(s), and if I will not stand in order to get some big money, as big as that of Ulu Selangor, from the bUy election?

I want to do something different from the old media, such as the newspapers, else you would not have to visit this blog. The newspapers have reported about the age, profession, family background, etc., for the candidates. You may be interested in measuring their wealth in terms of money and properties, their terms of public service as councillor or ADUN, to whom they are connected to.....

Based on the basic information from the media, I cannot judge which candidate is better (smarter). I simply love smart men. So I look at their educational background. They are both from good secondary schools in Sibu: Methodist and Sacred Heart. I don't know their SPM scores - definitely they did not get 10A or 13A, so they were both not as smart as half of our recent secondary students.

Then, the next measure is where did they go for the tertiary degree? You probably think that those who studied in local universities are not as good as those who studied overseas, because the moon are bigger and round overseas. Wong Ho Leng was reported to have graduated from University of Sydney, Australia, and Robert Lau from University of Hull, United Kingdom. I searched in the web and got the rankings of the universities where the two candidates attended. For comparison purpose, I also got the rankings of several of our major local universities.

I looked at the world ranking by Shanghai Jiaotung University (that is the one Lim Kit Siang always raised in the Parliament because he could not find MU there). University of Sydney is 94. But, I could not find the University of Hull....What should I do?

I looked at another website, 'Ranking Web of World Universities' at
I found all the information that enabled me to make a direct comparison.
University of Sydney is 126 (for the boss of Premier Hotel, your Monash U is 99), and University of Hull is 936.

The best ranked local universities are UPM(686), USM(725), UTM(733), UM(778), UKM(985). To be honest, when coming to these numbers, we are confident in saying that they are equally good.

Now I can tell which candidate is smarter than the other, although they were not up to the standard of our recent secondary school students. Hopefully the information may form part of your judgement in deciding the candidate to vote for. I would vote for a secondary school student if anyone of them will stand in this coming bUy election.

The media are welcome to quote my news, but please cite this blog of your beautiful 'very fat lady.'

The following information are from













從澳洲返國后,1985年當執業律師,1986年4月19日年成為行動黨永久黨員。他曾任行動黨砂州委員會宣傳秘書、財政、政治教育局、砂州社青團團長美里支部主席及詩巫支部主席,從 2000年10月迄今,他出任行動黨砂州委員會主席職。

目前是武吉阿瑟區州議員的黃和聯,自1986年開始便在全國大選都披甲上陣,只有 1990年那一屆息戰。


Promises never delivered

Many promises have been made by politicians in Sibu. They have been doing this ever since independence. They can never deliver their promise. In the early 70's, we took more than two decades to have just a new airport and hospital. A bridge crossing the Rajang River also took decades to construct. Now it will be another two decades for us to fight for a flood-free Sibu and a university in Sibu. Sibu is also facing land-sinking problem. Robert Lau promised the city status for Sibu many years ago, but it has long passed the deadline.

BN is showing us a few drain construction or road repair photos in the newspapers, but I can guarantee that they would not work. A big flood will tell you the obvious answer because they have been repeating the same tactics for decades. These constructions are just for demonstration and we should reject such politicians.

We are totally neglected by the state and federal governments. They would not care about us all the time, except during the time of election. Sibu got the basic infrastructure such as the bridges, hospital and airport only after the BN candidates faced a defeat. We need more and we should throw most of them out so that the federal government will listen to us.

In the past, the opposition told us that it has to be in the state assembly or parliament as watch dog. Because of that, some people may refuse to waste the vote for the opposition. Now there is a hope. The hope is the opposition can be a ruling government to bring along changes to our society that has been long neglected by BN.

Politics and Wealth

There is a serious problem with BN candidate from Sibu. He is associated with a super rich family of timber company belonging to KTS. The other MP from Sibu, Tiong, is also associated with the most well-known timber company called Rimbuan Hijau. The timber companies have been controlling the politics of Sibu, and the natural resources of the whole Sarawak. Their wealth was obtained by destructing the natural environment.

The tycoons want to control the politics because of their sound financial resources. By gaining political control, they can have access to more wealth. We should not fall into this trap of power and money.

Jumping Grade (politics as family business)

It is even more disgusting when you hear that Robert Lau hand-picked his cousin, Lau Hui Yew (the junior Robert Lau), to be his successor! In this political party called SUPP, you can be a prodigy and jumped several grades if you are a relative of some big shots in the party. For instance, the current deputy chief minister is the cousin of Wong Soon Kai, the then deputy chief minister or No 2 of Sarawak. When Wong Soon Kai was defeated in the state election by DAP Wong Ho Leng, he was able to push his cousin, Soon Koh, to become a full minister. This has brought red eye(s) to many SUPP members who have joined the party for decade(s) and have served a few terms in the cabinet. Yes, jumping grade is possible in SUPP if you are a cousin of some one! No wonder there are infightings between the top members, such as David Teng and Soon Choon Teck, who are acting as 'permanent' assistant ministers.....until retirement, I guess. I just recalled how Taib Mahmud (nephew) succeeded Rahman Yakub (uncle).

I dislike the politicians (ruling or opposition) who took politics as family business, by appointing your cousin or son as successor. Politics is for the people and not for your family. This kind of politics is for the fourth-world country such as North Korea. Singapore is another place that is practicing this family politics. I have much respect for Lee Kwan Yew as a top politician, but his hand-picking of his son destroyed his top reputation. These people went to study in the democratic countries and came back to become dictators. I could not understand why they decided to colonise us by not absorbing the value of real democracy.

Opposition old's Taiji

I am not certain about the game that the opposition is playing. Why they cannot tell the people about the candidate now? We don't want to hear about the candidateS.

I think it is best to tell sooner so that the candidate can have wide exposure to the public and let the public understand him/her better.

Although the campaign has not started officially, the ruling party is gaining a step ahead of the opposition by advertising and promoting the candidate.

Over the past 10-20 years, did the 'no tell' strategy work toward the advantage of the opposition? I afraid the answer is no. So the opposition please wake up! Don't get buried under the old taiji martial art.

Crocodile Tear

Many years back, we have had a well known term during Sibu election: the crocodile tear. I was too small to understand what had happened to Wong Soon Kai.

The crocodile tear is now making a come back. BN is trying to win the sympathy votes using the Robert Lau's legacy. Wong Soon Koh is now telling us about the great jobs done by Robert Lau, as well as the unfinished jobs that will have to be carried over and accomplished by his cousin.

Perhaps Robert Lau is still the candidate for this by-election. He could not rest in peace. Robert Lau is represented by his cousin in seeking re-elected.

b'u'y elections

After Ulu Selangor, it comes Bandar Sibu. For Barisan Nasional, every by-election is a bUy election. Million of ringgit are given out. They still dare to do this publicly and there is no change in their using of dirty tactics in trying to win an election.

For a single school, the prime minister promised 3 million ringgit last night at Ulu Selangor. For whole Sibu, the deputy prime minister recently promised ONLY 2 million ringgit for 4 schools. We are still short of money.

Not just that. We are cheap. Very much cheaper to buy our votes in Sibu compared to Ulu places. Sin Chew reported that the total amonut dumped at Ulu Selangor was over 50 million ringgit (see news below)!

But, remind you, this is the tax-payer money and we are the one to pay for it!




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