Sunday, May 15, 2016

SUPP too needs the opposition!

If an additional deputy chief minister will be generated, then DAP plays a vital role in helping SUPP or UPP.

After the voice by the people, Adenan and federal government could not tahan their ears, and they decided an additional deputy chief minister will be created.

不只人民需要反對黨﹐ 連人聯和華人部長也需要行動黨的幫忙﹗

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Additional DCM?

Zahid suggested to amend the constitution so that Sarawak will have additional Deputy Chief Minister, to make it MORE THAN 3 DCM.

Isn't this a joke? It will be like our SPM examination system. Grade A meant nothing now after the system is flooded with A. That is, Deputy chief minister position also meant nothing. Think about Datuk title of the 70 and now; we have the disease of Datuk inflation!

If Adenan is a very capable Chief Minister, he does not need that many ministers, not to say deputy chief ministers, to suck away people's money. Scale down the size of your government. 

Also, Adenan should be able to handle all races by himself. It should not be a ruling based on racial politics.

No Soon Koh No Kui Hian!

From 'Soon Koh or Kui Hian' the subject now became 'No Soon Koh No Kui Hian!'

Was it an unexpected? or you expected both of them would become Deputy Chief Ministers?

During election campaign, when the media reported that Adenan said winning of Kui Hian will lead him to become DCM, I thought it must be a joke.
First, he might not win (high possibility),
Second, even if he wins, he is such a newbie and how could he parachute above all other previous cabinet ministers to become a DCM, and
Third, how could Adenan ignored another most senior Chinese minister, Soon Koh?

Ignore both of them was probably the best choice in order to avoid questions on above three serious issues.

Now Adenan said, the condition was if SUPP won all the Chinese majority seats. Was he making a joke? That is something impossible. Even if Adenan stands in one of these seats, he would not win as well. I wished Adenan would have done it, instead of opening his mouth without giving a thought.

Adenan should have clarified it as the promise by Adenan to give a Chinese DCM was heavily advertised in the media during the campaign. The media also did not attempt to clarify it with Adenan. This was obviously a dishonest way of cheating/misleading the people.

Instead of making one of them happy (perhaps you may said Kui Hian is already very happy with an accelerated pace to become a full minister), it may be better for Adenan to consolidate his position in his party by appointing more of them to become DCMs.

I think Soon Koh or Kui Hian or both of them should protest and reject the minister positions. Better if they will resign and let the people make a fresh choice, now under the condition that there will be no Chinese DCM.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Soon Koh or Kui Hian?

The state election was over and unfortunately both Soon Koh and Kui Hian won. There will be only one Chinese deputy Chief Minister. Did Adenan mention about Kui Hian to be appointed the deputy chief minister or just a minister shall he win the seat? I think Soon Koh must have been eying on this post for a long time.

The two are 死對頭 and I afraid another new round of fighting is in the making.

I think Soon Koh has the seniority and experience to be appointed the deputy chief minister. Kui Hian is just a newbie and is lacking of experience. He even needed so much promotions by Adenan and UMNO ministers in order to win the seat. He should start as an assistant minister. No short cut for him.

In real, Adenan should be a chief minister for all races. Why he does not know about the Chinese? Then he should not be the chief minister. He is just following the UMNO formula to keep different kinds of animal in his Adenan Zoo....

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Adenan 是好人﹐這到底是誰鼓吹的﹖是UPP和SUPP吧﹗一場選舉暴露出他的真面貌。






還有﹐禁止全國政治家進入砂州助選﹐打壓反對黨而讓國陣free pass﹐算讓他扣分不少﹗


Tuesday, May 3, 2016



Sunday, May 1, 2016