Saturday, February 16, 2013

未被知的真相: University College by UniKL

UniKL Delivers 'Kolej Universiti Teknologi Sarawak' to the State Government

Sibu, April 26 – Prime Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak handed over the Invitation Letter to establish Kolej Universiti Teknologi Sarawak (KUTS) to Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud to initiate the development of a State owned technical university that will provide the required skilled manpower for SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy). The ceremony was held during the community dinner organised by Sibu Resident Association to mark the start of YAB Prime Minister’s 2-day visit to Sarawak.

In order to ensure the success of SCORE, Sarawak State Government realized the requirement to develop human capital and skilled workforce locally is crucial and decided to establish a technical university that will produce the skilled manpower in various fields of technology. The initial pledge to establish the university was made by the Prime Minister during Sibu by-election in 2010 for a university to be established in Sibu by 2012.

Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) was engaged by the State government to assist in the setting up of the university, an acknowledgement by the State to UniKL as the leading technical university in Malaysia. The work on the establishment concept began in November 2011 involving UniKL and Sarawak State represented by Kolej Laila Taib, another State owned institution which focuses on technical education at Diploma and Certificate level. An Establishment Concept Paper was submitted to Ministry of Higher Education in early April and was approved on 25 April 2012 by Higher Education Minister, Y.B. Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin.

As a partner to the State government in developing KUTS, UniKL is responsible to come up with the establishment concept of the university including providing the curriculum for selected technical programmes, quality assurance, academic leadership and academic and student management of the university. UniKL also owned 18% share in this university. KUTS which boast a capacity of 3,000 students will begin its operation with the first intake in September 2013 with the construction of its first phase to begin in June 2012. The programmes offered are in the field of mechanical, electrical/electronics, civil, quantity surveyor, environmental design, business administration with oil & gas and agriculture management to be introduced at a later stage. KUTS will also be the first university in Malaysia to run its own technology park that was planned to be developed adjacent to the site of KUTS campus.

The handing over ceremony was witnessed by Y.B. Dato’ Sri Wong Soon Koh, Sarawak Finance Minister (II) who is also the Chairman of Edusar Resources Sdn. Bhd., the management company of KUTS and Prof. Dato’ Dr. Abdul Hakim Juri and Dato’ Mohamed Hisham Che Abdul Ghani representing UniKL who are also Directors in Edusar Resources Sdn. Bhd.


  1. Abdul Hakim Juri has very very poor publication records. My source of information said he has only a few SCI papers. How can such a person become a pro-chancellor? Other than being a bumiputra, what kind of credential he has in academia?

    1. What? SCI? Number of papers? You naive fools think this is all about education?! Wake the fuck up!

      KUTS, UCTS or whatever the hell its name is, is a business and UMNO colonisation project. It is owned by for-profit company Edusar. You do understand "owned" and "for-profit", don't you? And who owns Edusar? Taib through his cronies, Foochow running dog Wong Soon Koh and UMNO through its private business UniKL. Read the last paragraph of the UniKL press release again: Soon Koh is chairman and UniKL CEO Abdul Hakim Juri is a director of Edusar.

      Soon Koh is doing his standard Foochow running dog thing of enriching himself by bringing outsiders into Sarawak to exploit his own people and sell them down the river, all the while shamelessly condemning the opposition parties for bringing outsiders in to interfere in local affairs.

      You think UniKL big shot and KL city slicker Abdul Hakim Juri would suddenly come to a rat shit dying backwater Borneo timber town like Sibu to take charge of another half-baked SUPP "education" project just out of the pureness of his heart for the selfless goal of improving local education? Bullshit! He is here to take care of business as UMNO's business agent and overseer. That's why he wears the title of CEO. If you want real pureness of heart for the selfless goal of improving local education, go seek out the ex-principal of Sibu's Catholic High School. This fake Abdul Hakim Juri is not even worthy to kiss the ex-principal's feet.

      You think Sarawakians own this so-called university college and have a say in how it is run? Bullshit again! Read the UniKL press release carefully, again. UniKL will be "... providing the curriculum for selected technical programmes, quality assurance, academic leadership and academic and student management of the university." In other words, UCTS is going to import UniKL's system wholesale and Abdul Hakim Juri is the UMNO man sent to Sibu to see that it gets done. How's that any different from UniKL setting up a branch campus in Sibu? They should just change the name of UCTS to UniKL-Sibu, at least it will be a tiny bit more honest. On second thoughts, they might as well call UCTS the UMNO Coming To Sibu project.

      So what will the people of Sibu actually get out of this when they study at this UMNO Coming To Sibu "development" project? Give their hard-earned money to enrich Taib, Foochow running dog Soon Koh and UMNO even more, take sub-standard courses borrowed from an outside UMNO university with the contents controlled and approved by a bunch of outside sub-standard UMNO bureaucrats in the outside UMNO government agency MQA who know jack shit about education and Sibu's real educational needs, in an institution approved by an outsider UMNO Minister of Higher Education and run by an outsider UMNO man Abdul Hakim Juri, and have to put up with all the outside niggers, sand niggers, Keling, Paki and Bangla dregs they bring in to fullfil the overseas students quota ordered by the outside UMNO government agency MQA. Yeah, sounds like a sweet one-for-two deal, pay money for UMNO colonisation and for foreign criminals to come in as fake students to commit crime like in KL. Well, look on the bright side. According to Foochow running dog Soon Koh, at least the locals will finally be able to get an affordable university education locally! (And let's not talk about why the college run by his economics genius of a son could not and still cannot be upgraded to a university college all these donkey years to provide the locals with affordable local university education sooner.)

  2. Even a foreigner can see that all these so-called "private" colleges, university colleges and universities in Malaysia are actually controlled in every aspect by UMNO. From Hornbill Unleashed:

    "The relatively new Ministry of Higher Education exercises a lot of discretion over higher institutes of learning in areas of vice chancellor selection, course approval, the setting of KPIs, and many other matters related to day to day operations. Consequently very little university autonomy actually exists."

    "One such example is the Ministry of Higher Education, mentioned earlier in this article, where interference in day-to-day operations may actually be counterproductive to the national objective of developing world class universities."

    This UMNO Coming To Sibu school will be lucky to become the best of Malaysia "jaguh kampung". But that's OK, because in the minds of UMNO, the world doesn't exist outside of Malaysia, so world = Malaysia means "jaguh kampung" = "jaguh world", so UMNO running dog Soon Koh is right that UCTS will be "world class" and "world famous"! And with this great gift from your UMNO overlord, you Sibu bastards better be grateful and vote for UMNO running dogs SUPP! Or else... (there is always the "or else...")

  3. oh, goodness after reading the comments. Sibu will be colonised by Umno though Supp and taib. will the foochows send their children to this world famous university college?