Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 5 has changed Malaysia forever

May 5 has changed Malaysia forever. In fact, the wave of change has been felt throughout duration of campaign during the 13th General Election. The wave did not stop, but rose even higher after the election. Look at the recent crowds in Kelana Jaya and Batu Kawan Stadiums. The people jamed the stadium and they were not afraid of the traffic jams. They were not afraid of the warning by the police. Even the most well known celeberties would not have attarcted crowds like these ubah politicians.

The wave is irrversible. The people now realised that they are the real boss. They themselves are part of the ubah process and their own one vote should not be stolen. The people would demand more gatherings like this. What was the feeling of Pakatan Politicians when they saw such a huge crowd in front of them....

The gathering of over 100,000 people at Kelana Jaya and Batu Kawan also showed that the people of all races are civilized. They did not create any trouble. This is an amazing country with amazing people. The country will hopefully march into a new era where racism will no longer sell.

But, the battle with BN and the Electon Commission has to continue and will intensify.

The thick skin UMNO and BN went ahead to form the government without even winning the majority, not to say that Pakatan Rakyat has won more than half the approval of the voters. The people are the true winners of this election.
BN was out in West Malaysia. BN can be the government only in East Malaysia. What a poor thing for us the Sarawakians!

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