Saturday, May 14, 2016

No Soon Koh No Kui Hian!

From 'Soon Koh or Kui Hian' the subject now became 'No Soon Koh No Kui Hian!'

Was it an unexpected? or you expected both of them would become Deputy Chief Ministers?

During election campaign, when the media reported that Adenan said winning of Kui Hian will lead him to become DCM, I thought it must be a joke.
First, he might not win (high possibility),
Second, even if he wins, he is such a newbie and how could he parachute above all other previous cabinet ministers to become a DCM, and
Third, how could Adenan ignored another most senior Chinese minister, Soon Koh?

Ignore both of them was probably the best choice in order to avoid questions on above three serious issues.

Now Adenan said, the condition was if SUPP won all the Chinese majority seats. Was he making a joke? That is something impossible. Even if Adenan stands in one of these seats, he would not win as well. I wished Adenan would have done it, instead of opening his mouth without giving a thought.

Adenan should have clarified it as the promise by Adenan to give a Chinese DCM was heavily advertised in the media during the campaign. The media also did not attempt to clarify it with Adenan. This was obviously a dishonest way of cheating/misleading the people.

Instead of making one of them happy (perhaps you may said Kui Hian is already very happy with an accelerated pace to become a full minister), it may be better for Adenan to consolidate his position in his party by appointing more of them to become DCMs.

I think Soon Koh or Kui Hian or both of them should protest and reject the minister positions. Better if they will resign and let the people make a fresh choice, now under the condition that there will be no Chinese DCM.

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