Sunday, May 8, 2016

Soon Koh or Kui Hian?

The state election was over and unfortunately both Soon Koh and Kui Hian won. There will be only one Chinese deputy Chief Minister. Did Adenan mention about Kui Hian to be appointed the deputy chief minister or just a minister shall he win the seat? I think Soon Koh must have been eying on this post for a long time.

The two are 死對頭 and I afraid another new round of fighting is in the making.

I think Soon Koh has the seniority and experience to be appointed the deputy chief minister. Kui Hian is just a newbie and is lacking of experience. He even needed so much promotions by Adenan and UMNO ministers in order to win the seat. He should start as an assistant minister. No short cut for him.

In real, Adenan should be a chief minister for all races. Why he does not know about the Chinese? Then he should not be the chief minister. He is just following the UMNO formula to keep different kinds of animal in his Adenan Zoo....

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