Monday, April 4, 2011


Dr Soon is finally out. Why the old goodies, such as George Chan and David Deng, who have served so many terms are still there? They are there waiting for the people to fire them. My only concern is the opposition man who will be filed in Dudong may not be strong enough. We would be interested to see what is the next move by Dr Soon. Will be become an independent? He may be there to split the BN votes.

In this election, we should also reject Wong Soon Koh. These politicians have no shame and stay on for so many terms. Soon Koh used to bully the women a lot in the Dewan. Now he should be defeated miserably by another woman. Fight on the new woman Alice Lau Kiong Yieng. Let's put the lady's triangular pants on his head as pyramid!

At the mean time, Goh should also Go!

Reject all those politicians who act only during the time of election. Those who announced this and that little projects during election to bribe the people should be rejected.

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