Monday, April 11, 2011

Taib must go now (updated)


How should Taib rescue BN? It is too late to rescue BN with his rotten government.

He should fire the White Hair from standing in the election immediately, not to stand for more than another second.

He should also promise for an immediate investigation on the White Hair and his cronies. He should also promise to return all the properties back to the people.


Whenever he goes, a group of servants are after him, his wife and his cronies. Look at the CM of Penang. He is around in such a humble way. I also did not see such a big diamond ring in LGE's finger. This must be because LGE does not own a bomoh.


I read some where that Taib's new wife said she had a dream about her marriage to a royal prince. A year later, this came through. She must still be dreaming and thought that her husband is a king. In real, she has been cheated. She is actually married to a corrupted person like Mubarak. Do you think any woman would want to marry Mubarak or Ghadafi?

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