Sunday, April 17, 2011

SU Bubble Party 泡沫黨


Sarawak United People Party turned into Sarawak United BUBBLE Party.

You always hold Taib's balls, and even said that you may get out of BN, but you did not have gut to do it. At the end, you were trashed and became a BUBBLE PARTY.

If we look at the old goodies such as George Chan, David Teng, and others, they were wrong by not realising that it was time to retire and not sticking to power. There were lots of kantao, but the retirement was long overdue. The people decided to send you all off.

Dr Soon must be very grateful to SUPP for selecting Tiong Tai King to stand. In other words, to become the 'replacement ghost' for Dr Soon. Dr Soon escaped the nightmare of facing a miserable defeat by retiring gracefully.

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