Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jumping Grade (politics as family business)

It is even more disgusting when you hear that Robert Lau hand-picked his cousin, Lau Hui Yew (the junior Robert Lau), to be his successor! In this political party called SUPP, you can be a prodigy and jumped several grades if you are a relative of some big shots in the party. For instance, the current deputy chief minister is the cousin of Wong Soon Kai, the then deputy chief minister or No 2 of Sarawak. When Wong Soon Kai was defeated in the state election by DAP Wong Ho Leng, he was able to push his cousin, Soon Koh, to become a full minister. This has brought red eye(s) to many SUPP members who have joined the party for decade(s) and have served a few terms in the cabinet. Yes, jumping grade is possible in SUPP if you are a cousin of some one! No wonder there are infightings between the top members, such as David Teng and Soon Choon Teck, who are acting as 'permanent' assistant ministers.....until retirement, I guess. I just recalled how Taib Mahmud (nephew) succeeded Rahman Yakub (uncle).

I dislike the politicians (ruling or opposition) who took politics as family business, by appointing your cousin or son as successor. Politics is for the people and not for your family. This kind of politics is for the fourth-world country such as North Korea. Singapore is another place that is practicing this family politics. I have much respect for Lee Kwan Yew as a top politician, but his hand-picking of his son destroyed his top reputation. These people went to study in the democratic countries and came back to become dictators. I could not understand why they decided to colonise us by not absorbing the value of real democracy.

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  1. What are your views of Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, I wonder.