Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Which Candidate is Smarter?

The candidates from BN and PR are now confirmed. Congratulation to Robert Lau Hui Yew (RLHY) and Wong Ho Leng (WHL).

But how did the media know that there will be no independent candidate(s), and if I will not stand in order to get some big money, as big as that of Ulu Selangor, from the bUy election?

I want to do something different from the old media, such as the newspapers, else you would not have to visit this blog. The newspapers have reported about the age, profession, family background, etc., for the candidates. You may be interested in measuring their wealth in terms of money and properties, their terms of public service as councillor or ADUN, to whom they are connected to.....

Based on the basic information from the media, I cannot judge which candidate is better (smarter). I simply love smart men. So I look at their educational background. They are both from good secondary schools in Sibu: Methodist and Sacred Heart. I don't know their SPM scores - definitely they did not get 10A or 13A, so they were both not as smart as half of our recent secondary students.

Then, the next measure is where did they go for the tertiary degree? You probably think that those who studied in local universities are not as good as those who studied overseas, because the moon are bigger and round overseas. Wong Ho Leng was reported to have graduated from University of Sydney, Australia, and Robert Lau from University of Hull, United Kingdom. I searched in the web and got the rankings of the universities where the two candidates attended. For comparison purpose, I also got the rankings of several of our major local universities.

I looked at the world ranking by Shanghai Jiaotung University (that is the one Lim Kit Siang always raised in the Parliament because he could not find MU there). University of Sydney is 94. But, I could not find the University of Hull....What should I do?

I looked at another website, 'Ranking Web of World Universities' at
I found all the information that enabled me to make a direct comparison.
University of Sydney is 126 (for the boss of Premier Hotel, your Monash U is 99), and University of Hull is 936.

The best ranked local universities are UPM(686), USM(725), UTM(733), UM(778), UKM(985). To be honest, when coming to these numbers, we are confident in saying that they are equally good.

Now I can tell which candidate is smarter than the other, although they were not up to the standard of our recent secondary school students. Hopefully the information may form part of your judgement in deciding the candidate to vote for. I would vote for a secondary school student if anyone of them will stand in this coming bUy election.

The media are welcome to quote my news, but please cite this blog of your beautiful 'very fat lady.'

The following information are from













從澳洲返國后,1985年當執業律師,1986年4月19日年成為行動黨永久黨員。他曾任行動黨砂州委員會宣傳秘書、財政、政治教育局、砂州社青團團長美里支部主席及詩巫支部主席,從 2000年10月迄今,他出任行動黨砂州委員會主席職。

目前是武吉阿瑟區州議員的黃和聯,自1986年開始便在全國大選都披甲上陣,只有 1990年那一屆息戰。



  1. It is written in the stars.
    BN will be victorious in Sibu's by election since DAP chose Wong Ho Leng.

  2. I am very disappointed when Wong Ho Leng is chosen as DAP candidate. I think Sibu people can guarandamntee DAP's loss.

  3. "It is written in the stars."
    which news in the star?

    Suddenly Sibu became a well known place in the national news.

  4. 詩巫有很多留學歸來的人才﹐可是無法下最好的判斷選出候選人﹐這也算是我們的悲哀