Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Politics and Wealth

There is a serious problem with BN candidate from Sibu. He is associated with a super rich family of timber company belonging to KTS. The other MP from Sibu, Tiong, is also associated with the most well-known timber company called Rimbuan Hijau. The timber companies have been controlling the politics of Sibu, and the natural resources of the whole Sarawak. Their wealth was obtained by destructing the natural environment.

The tycoons want to control the politics because of their sound financial resources. By gaining political control, they can have access to more wealth. We should not fall into this trap of power and money.


  1. And for those of us old enough to have witnessed what the tycoons' selfish acts have done to the Rajang River, we are all disgusted.

  2. I agreed more than you. Who is now paying for the price of environmental destruction? It is us, the people in general. I afraid our future generations are going to suffer more. Will there be one day when our town is permanently under water and it has to be abandoned?

  3. Democracy is oligarchy manipulating a bunch of idiots. Well, I forsee SUPP winning hands down.