Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome Perkasa and Allah issue

Can we invite Perkasa to Sibu? We want to see Ibrahim Ali coming with his Kris. That is exactly the kind of leaders UMNO has, such as Najib and Muhyiddin who pointed their Kris (to the Chinese).

SUPP has been campaigning against PAS in the past by trying to associate DAP with PAS. But the problem is SUPP has the worst enemy of us: Perkasa and UMNO. The real Islam is not that bad because Islam is actually close to Christianity compared to the extremist Perkasa, which is not about religion but about the racism. SUPP has no gut to voice against UMNO and Perkasa. In recent Ulu Selangor b'U'y election, we saw openly that Perkasa in fact supported BN. We should be able to confirm that Perkasa would support SUPP. If invited, Perkasa would come to campaign for SUPP??

It felt like a long while ago when Allah issue and church burning happened. But this was not too long time ago. We tend to forget about thing as soon as we do not get reminded often in the newspapers. The Allah issue is going to resurface again very soon after the b'U'y election. For a town with majority Christians, we certainly need to put this issue as a great concern.

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  1. Seems like you did not forsee that BN will ban the Allah issue, or any issue for that matter, that it cannot counter.