Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Promises never delivered

Many promises have been made by politicians in Sibu. They have been doing this ever since independence. They can never deliver their promise. In the early 70's, we took more than two decades to have just a new airport and hospital. A bridge crossing the Rajang River also took decades to construct. Now it will be another two decades for us to fight for a flood-free Sibu and a university in Sibu. Sibu is also facing land-sinking problem. Robert Lau promised the city status for Sibu many years ago, but it has long passed the deadline.

BN is showing us a few drain construction or road repair photos in the newspapers, but I can guarantee that they would not work. A big flood will tell you the obvious answer because they have been repeating the same tactics for decades. These constructions are just for demonstration and we should reject such politicians.

We are totally neglected by the state and federal governments. They would not care about us all the time, except during the time of election. Sibu got the basic infrastructure such as the bridges, hospital and airport only after the BN candidates faced a defeat. We need more and we should throw most of them out so that the federal government will listen to us.

In the past, the opposition told us that it has to be in the state assembly or parliament as watch dog. Because of that, some people may refuse to waste the vote for the opposition. Now there is a hope. The hope is the opposition can be a ruling government to bring along changes to our society that has been long neglected by BN.

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