Thursday, April 29, 2010

We are the victims

We heard of million of ringgit being used to bribe the people during any b'U'y elections. Nowadays, bribing is always done under the day light, such that it may not be considered as a bribe any more. It is also disgusting that the Chinese communities, especially the schools, dared to accept such a bribe. It really damaged our good names.

SJKC Rasa sold our Chinese soul for 3 million ringgit - a lot to the small community at Ulu Selangor but negligibly small for the whole Chinese population in Malaysia. From now on, Chinese will be labelled as one who loves money and can be bought cheaply.

My question is, where will those money go? Did they usually go to cronies of BN politicians? Please check the school constructions in Sibu. Who are the contractors? Are the costs reasonable?

Those money spent on Sibu Gate, etc., could have better been spent on other facilities.

The persons who ultimately benefited and became very fat from the b'U'y elections could be the BN itself. The communities are being used by these politicians to make big money. Afterall, all these money come from the poor tax-payers. The people are always the victims.

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  1. "Very Fat Lady",

    Thank you for your blog and postings.

    Keep them coming and keep these issues and information in the open for all to debate and ponder on.

    Sibu deserves better than than what we have today.