Saturday, August 21, 2010

SUPP out of BN?

This is just a show and the show is broadcast in Sarawak Chinese newspapers only. SUPP has been praising Taib's leadership all the time. What would they say now?

SUPP top guns will be meeting Najib? They better suggest to Najib that Taib should be removed. People are not supporting SUPP mainly because of Taib. SUPP should insist that Taib be removed as a criteria of staying in BN.

The opposition suggested SUPP to get out of BN. It is better not to offer any good suggestion. The life of the opposition will be better if SUPP (and MCA) continues to stay with BN.

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  1. George is the champion in licking Taib balls. In fact he is also as corrupted as his daughter's father in law. Look at SIMC. How much is this George suck up with his crony CT Phang.