Wednesday, September 22, 2010

leaders, but lacking vision

When you build a road from Sibu to the airport, you keep modifying and modifying, as if the ending is never coming.

When you said for flood control, you just fill the road a bit higher, filling and refilling, for more than half a century. The ending of filling never come.

When you say we will have a new airport, it was like a little hut, and you have to keep expanding and expanding it. The final shape is never coming because we never have one of the international standard.

What is wrong here? The leaders lacked vision. You cannot guess and predict about the future. You cannot plan for the future. You should not be called a leader. This kind of cut and paste idea is really bad. You wasted the tax payers money because you have to constantly pour in money.

And one more item. Why only the companies from west Malaysia can build and modify our airport? Are we that backward? Do you know that in order to help the local economy going, the money has to be dropped in Sibu. Don't let the outsiders (MCA or UMNO cronies) come and take away from us.

We need the jobs badly.

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