Sunday, September 26, 2010

不要臉 We all stayed in power!

Do you think Taib Mahmud, George Chan and Wong Soon Koh would consider to give up seats as they claimed?

Do you think SUPP was really considering to get out of BN as reported?

That was just their regular acting. To fool the people.

They are just an useless group of people and political parties. How would these people dare to give up the best job on earth? Those waiting on the line simply have been cheated. Another disappointment for the people and their party members on the waiting list. It will be another 4 years until your chance MAY (not sure) come.

They would not step down because there are still so many juicy stuffs to suck from the people.

They will be gone only when God throw them to the hell (death sentence for them) or when the people vote them out. That day is numbered, no matter which one comes first.

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