Wednesday, September 8, 2010

治水提案 - a proposal

在kampong Kerto挖運河﹐減少河水滾進詩巫(畢竟河水不喜歡走彎路)﹐也避免因為流速減低導致泥沙沉澱在詩巫河道。





This is a proposal to deal with the constant flooding problem. The most straight forward idea is to dig a canal at Kpg Kerto to allow direct flow of water along Rejang River. Water does not like to meander because it slows down and also it rushes into Sibu town. As the water gets trapped, it floods Sibu. The canal will be about 1 km long at the narrowest point, and therefore, the construction will not be difficult.

To prevent high tide from entering Sibu, a gate may be needed. In the long run, Rejang River in front of Sibu may become a tourist spot, to become like a man-made lake.

I appreciate your discussion on this proposal, especially its potential problems.

Note: this is the proposal to deal with flooding from Rejang River. The drainage from inside the town is a separate issue that will be addressed separately.


  1. 心臟阻塞需要進行繞道手術

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