Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2012? Laila Taib College

2012 is definitely sooner than 2020, the well known Wawasan 2020. But do you think we will get a university in Sibu if supporting BN during this b'U'y election? My answer is NO.

Sibu to become city in 2005 was an empty promise. It was just a slogan to win the elections. Without fulfilling the promise, the Wawasan team members still do not dare to apologise publicly to the citizens of Sibu. Robert Lau has died and we will never hear his word of apology. We have trusted them in the past, and do we still want to be treated like a 3-year old child?

During previous state election, the same tactic was used by a BN candidate in promising the TARC campus in Bintangor. Even a piece of land was cleared with a construction sign board to make thing looked more real. Of course, nothing happened after the BN candidate won the election. So we should be extra-careful with what BN promised.

Najib better declare that Laila Taib College is renamed Laila Taib University now. There is no need to wait until 2012.

We do not see any plan for Laila Taib College to be changed into a university. If with Wong Soon Koh's son continuing to be the CEO, how can you call it a university with the top not having a PeeHD degree? These people are continuing to treat Laila Taib College as a family business. Remember the Chinese saying not to let the fertile water to flow into other people's rice field. There is no plan of hiring the teaching staffs. If it is for 2012, the hiring should have started by now. You don't come and tell us a kindergarten will be named a primary school tomorrow, with the same teachers.

The whole thing is at most to make it a branch of Unimas with the lecturers flying in and out of Sibu everyday? Or to get a few lousy lecturers. Will you then call it a university? Will we send the children to this kind of ochipara university? We already rejected it as a college and people continue to send their children to outside Sibu. With this Wawasan team, there is no way they can run the college properly, if putting own benefit above public interest. They can only deliver something inferior to us.

If Najib cannot declare the status of university in Sibu now, we may as well wait until 2012 and then see if it happens or not. Then we can decide to vote for BN or not. After having learned several lessons in the past, we should not rush to vote for BN.

So the verdict vote for BN should be a NO.

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