Monday, May 10, 2010

Big and small thieves

The thief who drove away the car of the Selangor police chief returned the car to the street, and left a message: Sorry PDRM tesilap sapu (Sorry PDRM it was a mistake)

I think this thief is better than our BN politicians and he should be pardoned. First, he returned the car and then he admitted the mistake he made. If I were the thief, I would not have returned it so that I would add more embarrassment to the police.

The BN politicians are worst because,
First, our BN politicians thought they are entitled to steal from the people.
Second, they never admitted that they are doing anything wrong.
Third, they would never return the stolen wealth to us.

I hope the mansions of SUPP politicians will be put up in the web, and we compare them to the long houses and houses of the poor people.

Have you noticed the difference in the kind of cars that BN leaders are using (regular cars versus Mercedes and Lexus)? the kind of chairs they are sitting (coffe shop plastic chairs versus the sofa)? as they come to meet the people.

How many of the politicians here are rich because of their stealing of the people's wealth?

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