Saturday, May 15, 2010

Say 'NO' to God of Wealth

Teach Najib and Barisan Nasional a lesson: we don't worship the God of Wealth! Najib, UMNO and SUPP insulted us because they thought we are less intelligent like Ulu Selangor.

Sorry Ulu Selngor, indeed your created such a record, or else Najib would have stopped doing it. Now, we, the people of Sibu, will stop him.

What Najib showed us is he is rich because he is controlling our money. Do you think such an idiot politician knows how to manage properly a country? He is spending our future. He is not just buying locally for what he wants, but also paying close to 100 millions to APCO in getting to meet Obama.

We are terribly sick of this BN government. They are going to bankrupt the country.

'one' Malaysia is just 'one' thing: big shopping or b'U'ying (and no brain)

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