Saturday, May 15, 2010

Evaluation of SUPP candidate

We got to know better the SUPP candidate for this b'U'y-election. My general impression is he is not ready for the job. He is like a newbie and I could hardly believe that he has served the council for 17 years and has been a practicing lawyers for a while. I do not consider my view on him a personal attack, because I believe a representative should be open to our evaluation.

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1. The appointment as the designated successor by Robert Lau Hoi Chew, because he is the cousin, is the first negative fact. He is from a super rich family with the corporation making its wealth from destroying the natural resources.

2. Sibu is a town of great intelligence and we thought we have best brains around to represent Sibu, such as Dr. Wong Soon Kai. We were already disappointed by the representatives such as the deceased Robert Lau and Tiong Tai King who are not the most well educated people in Sibu. New Robert Lau is a lawyer, studied in UK, but we found out that he attended a so so school, not better than our local universities, with a world ranking of 936.

3. Robert Lau does not speak well. His English is so so and his Mandarin is poor. The most important skill of a politician is public speaking. The speech should be convincing to the people. That is how Obama won the support of the people and world leaders. I would feel so malu if Sibu is represented by him. Compared to the politicians coming to Sibu over the past week, we could see how much better they are compared to our local politicians. Over the campaign period, he hardly made any good speech, and most of the time he was a puppet. The big brothers such as Wong Soon Koh and even MCA and UMNO leaders have to speak for him. I do not see any way he can speak for us, and likely he is another yes man.

4. His public service record is weak. In the video released on youtube, he admitted that his job was mainly on the toilet project. There are so many problems in Sibu to be solved by the politicians. We cannot afford to have this position filled by a trainee who said please give me a chance. We have to pick up one who is ready for the job.

5. Most fundamental issues about Sibu have not been addressed by the candidate and the ruling party: infrastructure, flooding, employment, university education, among others. The worst part is their use of big money (bribes) in trying to cover up all these problems. This b'U'y has greatly insulted our Sibu intelligence. If you are not ready to solve our problems, forget about our votes.

Honestly speaking, I am at a loss about the 'surprise' of the candidate that Taib mentioned not long after Robert Lau Hoi Chew passed away. Perhaps, nothing surprising coming out of this candidate was the 'surprise'

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