Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chruches and politics

Churches are at the front line to seek the best for the people. They should even sacrifice their lives in protecting the people. Some twenty years ago, the Catholic church stood up to support the people"s power in the Philippines in order to get rid of the dictator Marcos. It was because the people suffered so much under the dictatorship, who was involved in abuse of power and corruptions. With the help of the Catholic church, the people won the democracy. This led to a change in the Philippines.

In the course of history, the church has also been blamed and in fact, carried a black name, because of their attitude of taking no action against Hitler that ended up in the Holocaust and lost of millions of Jewish lives......

So for the churches in Sibu, what course would you take? Don't tell me you do not want to be involved. The candidates are your believers. I hope you should make a decision instead of being political - trying to please the politicians who gave you funds.

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