Friday, May 14, 2010

Vote for the change

The young generations have changed. Many of them know exactly why we need to have a change in the government and Sibu b'U'y election can be an important step.

However, we have many older generations who thought they owed the government. They owed Wong Soon Kai and then Lau Hui Chew, in particular through the tiny b'U'y that they got during the previous elections.

They did not know that it is the responsibility of the government to serve the people. There needs no special appreciation as we all are entitled to any help given by the elected government. That is the way I view it if I were the MP or YB. We elect them to serve us.

We need to convince the older generations to change. If you happen to be not living with your parents or if you are outside the country, talk to them or make a phone call, and ask them to go to vote.

Vote for the change. That would be one of the most fantastic jobs you can do for your country.

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