Friday, May 7, 2010

Stupid person praised by low-IQ person

Why is the guru besar of UNIMAS trying to praise about Laila Taib College?
You have to realise that Unimas is one of the worst local universities. Your world ranking is 3441. You are the worst among the major government universities in Malaysia.

Your praise of LTK is like a person of low IQ praising a stupid person. Don't treat us Sibu people as stupid. There is a Chinese saying: When crossing the river, the clay Buddha cannot protect himself. Indeed Unimas needs to first improve itself, and how can you try to save LTK with your current ranking?

You can go and sign a thousand papers of memorandum. What is the purpose of doing so? It is meaningless. By doing so, you cannot become better by default.

More about Laila Taib College here: 2012

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  1. Back in 1981 when I was posted to Kuching General Hospital I was really shocked when one elderly staffnurse told me this..... "Why you ppl from penisular must come here? To colonise us?"
    I was taken aback but did told her why must you Sarawakian wanna join Malaysia? That was said in a haste but now I realise it is true and wonder was I correct?
    If Sarawakian don vote for change maybe consider getting out.