Thursday, May 20, 2010

Political Analysts

Sibu b'U'y election produced a vast group of political analysts. Most of them are fresh. Some of them have been to Sibu for the first time and still some have never been to Sibu. By the way Najib has been to Sibu for three times and he said he knows about Sibu - we need 5 million ringgit!

They all gave their claims over the opposition victory. It is interesting to see how they torn Sibu into different pieces and analyse it. But the nice job was done after the election. These could be perfect and a part of academic exercise.

But how many of them were able to do a perfect job before the b'U'y election? No one had satisfied us with the prediction. I afraid you all understood just a part of Sibu, and not its heart.

Sit down in the kopi-tiam and the average Sibu people can give you a better answer. They know all the ins and outs.

I want to see more predictions before the election rather than perfect analyses after the election. So please go ahead to predict the next coming state or parliamentary election.

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