Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wong Soon Koh

If Wong Soon Koh keeps bullying the opposition in the State Assembly, he will not just be defeated, but will be knocked out miserably in the coming state election. He has not learned from the recent defeat of his party in Sibu.

How can they simply bully our representatives who were elected by us? It is a direct bullying on the people. After being granted the job by his cousin, it is 20+ years. It is too long enough to corrupt a person like him. He has all that he wanted.

Wong Soon Koh led the BN team for the recent Sibu b'U'y-election. He made the prime minister lost so badly especially after the prime minister has pledged additional 5 juta the night before the polling with the most well-known Rejang Park speech. Wong Soon Koh would have been sent to the guillotine for this defeat if it were the middle-age China or Europe. In modern world, he would have accepted the defeat and judgement of the people. He would have taken full responsibility by stepping down or retiring from politics like what Wong Soon Kai has done. Instead, the man showed no shame.

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