Thursday, May 13, 2010

Malay God of Wealth (財神爺)

Najib - the Santa as named by the media or better known as the God of Wealth in Chinese.

Unfortunately the Malay Santa was too busy and had too many clients to distribute his angpao. So he could not enter the temple or stay for longer. This is in contradiction to what SUPP politicians had announced beforehand - Santa will join in the procession. Even for such a simple matter, the SUPP cannot deliver the promise. They always talk big and either cannot deliver or will deliver very little.

After the Malay Santa gave the big angpao, we need some watchdogs to see that the money will be used in the right and transparent way. We don't want them to be wasted or flowing into the crocodile mouths of the cronies of SUPP politicians.

These angpao are not just for helping the Chinese schools, but the ultimate goal should be for helping the LOCAL economy. The projects should be done by the local companies, or a kind of NEP for Sibu in helping the employment. Again, be transparent in awarding the contracts.

Take the money and vote against corruption! You don't want to sell the soul of the Chinese. We will have to pay for it.

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