Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fundamental issues

With the coming of the God of Wealth, the fundamental issues in Sibu have been buried under the cash. I must say that the cash has shifted the focus of our major concerns.

Infrastructure, flooding, employment and university must be addressed by the Barisan Nasional toward the last stage of the campaign. The ruling party has been promising to solve the problems, but they were never solved. Rather, the problems are becoming more serious.

Long ruling of any political party is going to corrupt the system. Cronies grew bigger and bigger. We can see this clearly by looking at how the major companies (and United College) are tied to the political parties. With the power, one can secure more wealth from the people. There is increasing imbalance between the rich and poor Chinese, not to say between the Chinese and Dayak/Iban. This is not an issue about the race, but the rich and poor of all races.

Let’s see what will be popping up during the last few days of the campaign.

The international organisations should condemn Najib for openly buying votes during the elections. Was it the advice by APCO?






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