Saturday, May 8, 2010

Democracy requires regular change in government

To assure democracy, we need to have a change in government from time to time. This is a natural process in any democratic countries.

This was the basic philosophy of Dr. Lee Yuan Tseh (李遠哲), the first Taiwanese Nobel laureate, in supporting Chen Sui-ben leading to him being elected as the president of Taiwan in 2000. The change in government ended the dictatorship of the Nationalist party that had ruled Taiwan for more than half a century.

We, the people of Sibu, need to follow this philosophy!

Many people later blamed Dr Lee for supporting Chen, but he insisted that he made a significant contribution to democracy in Taiwan by allowing a change in the government.

When a ruling party does not perform, it will be judged by the people through election. This happened to Chen's party as well.


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