Sunday, May 2, 2010

Liars in the Press Conference

Where is Soon Choon Teck? He no longer appears in the press conference. But I saw a few interesting reports about how SUPP lied to the people.

Daniel Ngien suggested the people to give the young blood a chance, but did these old goodies of SUPP ever give their young people a chance? They gave it only to their cousin.

Soon Koh accused Kit Siang of the father-son combination in DAP. This is exactly what I meant by the family tie in politics. Look at Taib Mahmud and his son, how Taib got the job from Tun Rahman, how Robert Lau wanted to transfer the job to his cousin. and how Soon Koh made his son the CEO of the United College.

Soo Koh accused DAP of cooperating with PAS. But, who is cooperating with Perkasa? Perkasa is worst than PAS, which has not done anything bad since ruling Kelantan. This Soon Koh is slapping at his own face for what he has said.

There are a lot more statements by Soon Koh that did not make sense. For example, he mentioned that throwing in a few million ringgit by the federal government was not because of the b'U'y election. He also accused Pakatan Rakyat for driving the people out of Malaysia. He does not need to tell us in Sibu about this because everyone know the answer.

Soon Koh and his associates are truly liars who wanted to fool the people. It is a big mistake to try to underestimate our mentality. We are now much smarter than before.

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