Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Alfred Jabu and not Soon Koh?

The politicians are so blinded about democracy and thought they can simply hand-pick their successors. The biggest recent joke being Mahathir picking up sleeping Abdullah that happened to be a political disaster. Tun Rahman picked up his nephew, Soon Kai picked up his cousin, and Robert Lau picked up his cousin......

Now Tun Rahman wanted to name another successor for his nephew. But he definitely named a wrong person. I may as well ask why it is Alfred Jabu and not George Chan or Wong Soon Koh? The reason is very simple. Under current BN structure, only the biggest party can be the decision maker, just like UMNO is dominating the Malaysian politics where MCA and MIC are just for decoration purpose. Yes, SUPP is there only for decoration purpose and served no other purpose. On the other hand, under the PR structure, any competent person can be the chief minister like in Pulau Pinang.

Alfred Jabu, Wong Soon Koh and George Chan are the worst politicians. They stick to the old tradition of securing their positions by praising Taib, suggesting Taib to continue leading the State. They do not advocate for democracy but for dictatorship. They can sell their race for their own benefit. Look at the situation of the whole Iban/Dayak community that is more obvious to us. A very common stupid thing they did was to support Taib as a motion in the State Assembly during the Haze Disaster. Guys, do you still remember the suffering of the people when Taib enjoyed a trip to Canada by twisting the fact? Yes, SUPP was supporting it blindly so that they can secure their position under Taib.

The presence of Taib - Soon Koh combination is the worst for Sibu, yet Taib could not elevate the status of Sibu in 2005. It is not just the Chinese who suffered greatly under Taib. The Malays are under serious threat. We saw pieces after pieces of Malay kampung disappeared from the Sibu map after being converted into commercial properties.

Recently Soon Koh could sell the people's college for 1 ringgit and renamed it Laila Taib College, under the name of Taib Mahmud's late wife. This was just to please Taib! These politicians could do anything to you in order to secure their own position.

That is all they have been doing and they can do. They are just the songbirds for Taib. They are just holding balls, or called 'Hulingpa' in Foochow (or you can pronounce it as 'falling apart' if you do not speak Foochow). So we better wake up now! Rejecting BN is the only way to change the political structure and to eliminate such family politics and dictatorship in Sarawak.

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