Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hantu b'U'y election

It is very very funny with this b'U'y election. This has probably never happened before in our local history.

First of all, a great local politician named his cousin as successor before he passed away. It was not a sudden death and thus he had had a bit of time to lay down the ground for his cousin.

Then the legacy of this deceased politician became a major part of the b'U'y election. The prodigy candidate jumped many grades (sorry, Soon Choon Teck, David Teng, and many others permanent assistant ministers), despite the fact that he graduated from a university with world ranking of 936 - came close to our local u.

In addition, the prime minister came to worship Wong Nai Siong, in order to tell the local Chinese how close he is to this dead man, as a way to b'U'y the Chinese votes with zero ringgit because Wong Nai Siong has been portrayed as a Foochow God by SUPP.

We are not electing politician based on the candidate himself, as he is less well known. He hardly speaks publicly and seems to have limited idea. He rather employed the big brother agents such as Wong Soon Koh to do the promotion for him. He is behind the scene.

We are now told to elect the new politician based on the spirit of the deceased persons. It also depends on how good are his agents. This is like electing hantu.

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