Sunday, May 16, 2010


Election Commission should just admit that: yes, they played tricks. Even that, they could not win.

DAP - 18,845
BN - 18,447
Ind -232

Congratulation, the people's power and democracy!

I hope the DPM Muhyiddin has had a pleasant flight lari back to KL.

What is next for Sibu? Reformasi!

The whole SUPP team should be fired. Return the power back to the people.

Taib should also be fired because the b'U'y-election was about the referendum on him.

As indicated in the previous message, the people said NO to Najib's big shopping.

1 comment:

  1. salute to sibuan. well done and the next step is to work hard to bring down other supp musketeers in next state election, especially WSK. Must prevent him to pass the baton to his useless son.